Poetry from Denis Emorine


Author Denis Emorine

Author Denis Emorine












I beg your pardon Carmen

for crying more and more

remembering your pain

after his death.


22 y.o.

You were so young Carmen

and so pretty

I definitely love you Carmen

but you are dead

while I try to stay alive

with your ghosts

they  are mine now

forever and ever

till my death

but you are not guilty

please believe me

I would like to remain your

little boy

nestled in your arms

like a born kitten

covered in blood

your blood




I am your motherless child

give me your sorrow one more time

Please try again

I (just?) want to be strong for you

only for you Carmen

don’t look at my face now


I want to be stronger

even if I am a weak person

as you probably know



give me your sorrow

nothing else

I beg you

on bended knee



 Beloved Carmen

life is  a black hole

without you

I would like to hear your voice again

closer to me

and your blow on my cheeks

and on my lips

I would like to forget your name

and my pain

I have loved you for a long time

in vain


I can’t reach you any more

with my tenderness

Beloved Carmen

the piano is dead


definitely gone



Too often

the sky is grey inside me

closer to my heart

beating too fast

I was born on a windy day

the snow was falling in high flakes

inside my head

I always have a headache

thinking of the past


Time goes by

life is a clepsydra




Thinking of you

is so difficult

but I can’t forget you

Facing your grave

makes me cry

Give me your arms again!

I don’t want to be a wise man

just follow your steps

right till the end

*I wish I were dead

could you understand


I don’t want to upset you

What to do?



my sweet fairy

I remember your words in English

my mother’s tongue

the  music of my childhood

that I both hate and love

Sometimes I should love

to lose the French tongue

keeping  you closer to me

but this is an illusion

It’s so hard loving you now

crossing the beyond



Living with you

was a fairy tale sometimes


I can’t reach you

my arms are too weak

and  evanescent

is your shadow




so difficult

to find the rights words

to remember you

even in French

Doors are double-locked

Sweet Lady

I need your arms

to live a little bit

please don’t abandon me!




only words

that’s all


only words

nothing else


believe me

silence is better


and your smile forever


 I would like

to have

a heart of gold



I would have liked

to have one

but it’s too late

I am now living

with  fear






how deep

was your pain

how deep

is mine

thinking of you


you are my love


you are dead







 Give me your arms again

to fight against death

your death




sweet Carmen

give me your Cross again

I know it’s useless

but who cares?

this is a pact between

you and me


I feel misunderstood

since you’ve been gone



February, 28, 2018



I’m 62 y.o.

Nothing else

White  my hair

and my heart

I try to live as well

oh yes

I would like

to be stronger

with death in my sights



 Hold me tight

sweet Lady

my life

is hanging into the balance

I’m always complaining

since you are dead

I am unable to

put one  foot in front of the other

my life sways

and sways



I stay

your dreamy boy

at least I try

in memory of you


it’s over

life fled




What could I add to my pain?

I have nothing to say

I’m unable to shout

neither in French

nor in English

Sadness has no language

you probably know

Give me your own words

to fight again!



 I’m shivering

because I’m  coward

I beg your pardon


Is it enough?

Obviously not

I was expecting you




 Sweet Maman

my love remains the same


this is a song of death

how could I express

my pain?



I want to forget your name

because I’m facing the past


whatever happens

I can’t

I can’t… 

Day is over

night is over


the world is closed



Où es-tu Carmen

où te caches-tu?

Il y a si longtemps

que je suis à ta recherche

Il y a eu trop de sang dans ta vie

et trop  de douleur aussi

tu ne m’entends pas hurler

depuis que tu es morte

je ne retrouve plus

le chemin de ta tombe

je suis démembré

I don’t want to play hide and seek anymore

I miss you sweet Lady



Denis Emorine  is a French writer. He was born in 1956 in Paris. He has an emotional attachment to English because his mother was an English teacher. He is of Russian ancestry on his father’s side. Writing, for Emorine, is a way of harnessing time in its incessant flight. Themes that re-occur throughout his writing include the Doppelgänger, lost or shattered identity, and mythical Venice (a place that truly fascinates him). He also has a great interest for Eastern Europe.

His theatrical output has been staged in France, Canada (Quebec)  and Russia. Many of his books (short stories, plays, poetry) have been published in Greece, Hungary, Romania, South Africa, and the United States.

His first novel La mort en berne , 5 Sens éditions, was published in Switzerland, in 2017.

An English translation Death at Half-Mast is forhcoming in the USA https://www.experimentalfiction.com/

In 2015, Denis Emorine was awarded the Naji Naaman Literary Prize Lebanon (honor prize for complete work)

For more informations, go on his website  http://denis.emorine.free.fr/ul/english/accueil.htm