Poetry from Donna Dallas

And if we Forget

poured into a bottle

of souls

I drank

I laughed

I survived

I swam to an island

laid on the beach

naked under


I whispered my sins

to the ocean

in vein

I danced along the sand

gave in to Satan


and again

I discovered


a heart


I bit of it

sipped the blood                                       

from the cup

born again

into breasts and

soft pale skin

I wander

in search

of the


I was bled


Virgin Abyss

When I look out onto Song Shang Lake

just prior to sunrise, the bats flutter their wings wildly

to get the last few morsels of food

as the stress of daylight

sheds frenzy into their flight

I sit and wait for the day to open up and suck me into that vacuum

we call life

I watch the darkest sun glower over me

I wait

the lake is still as death….gray translucent

morphed into charcoal trees that surround it

the place before the world

eerily naked and primal as if a snark or a dragon will creep out

It’s the place before me

before mind

where I go empty

into the void of the lake

to seek those souls

who lure me with glimpses of

what will come to pass

but I can only see it through murky waters

Cheap Thrills

Touch me

tell me I’m not a mute

I raised kids for Christ sake

the world was my apple

and I bit of it but

I never took the time to

actually taste

I wanted

but there wasn’t



and if I’m dying

and cannot taste

let me watch your mouth move

with brilliant teeth and

satin tongue

let me see those lips

dull pink

soft like a breath

buried under full beard that

covers a perfect cleft……

give me the good of it

I go out knowing

it was not in vein

I studied Creative Writing and Philosophy at NYU’s Gallatin School and was lucky enough to study under William Packard, founder and editor of the New York Quarterly.  I am recently found or forthcoming in The Opiate, Anti Heroin Chic, Quail Bell Magazine, Pacific Review, Beatnik Cowboy and Bewildering Stories among many other publications. I currently serve on the editorial team for Red Fez.