Poetry from eLPy

Every Forest 
By eLPy

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I have learned something
Inside myself
About the world around me.
Everything IS special
And has its time and place.
Every forest is alive
And full of unimaginable things.
Every forest is exotic
To the next travelling stranger.
Every forest is the best example
Of a community working together
Efficiently and carefully
Using its resources.
No one forest is better than the next.
It’s all in our perspectives.
Yes, the Amazon is a jungle
Filled with more wondrous things than most
More exotic than most
More extravagant and mind-numbing
But it is still
Only one of many along a spectrum
To really love the Amazon
You must know how to appreciate them all
Its fascination too will die out
Amongst repetitive stimulations
By visitations
The key to conservation is integration
Bringing it all together
We don’t conserve things
Because we don’t value them
For what they are
We preserve them
Because we value what they are
To us
We don’t save the rainforests
Because we don’t appreciate
Our own.
We’re always searching
Searching for something better
Than what’s in front of us
What if we integrated
mass amalgamated
All those strangely appealing,
exotic because unknown to us
Thoughts, images, dreams, and ideals
Into what already exists?
What if we conserved things
We loved them
Not just because they’re disappearing?
Like Winter Strong
By eLPy
Sharp like spices,
Ice slices
down and under
into you
Winter weather cold,
and brutal too,
Feel it, brave it, true, bold
the landscape revealing
only raw materials, and then concealing
Your fears and weaknesses, perhaps
your happiness inside warm hats
contained in flake-shaped crystals
falling to mesmerize
against the hustle
Against white, color is strong
existence in the Evergreen
all year long
appearance not apparent
until you see it last the current
Nature need not expect
forced upon suspecting
all who live a life
whether accepting or requesting
Soon, it will pass
fade into life
until there is the last
heart frozen under despair
the weather clears to be fair
And what was raw
seemingly barren
summons like the crow’s caw
what’s been there all along
No less than Winter Strong
By eLPy
I was pushed to the edge by my friend
The banality incessant
Finally, the scales tipped and I fell off
The noisy backdrop always so comforting
Like being alone in a crowded room
You don’t want to be a part of the crowd
but you need the crowd to be a part of you
This was at my fingertips
With a mere and simple push
This button, that button, on and off
Then it pushed me back
There was nothing there this night
Relief was evanescent
Exhibiting my choleric attitude
As I couldn’t find what I searched for
The clutter and the chatter
Became a discursive banter
That I could no longer handle
If just for the noise I would keep my friend
All night
But this time the noise reached my threshold
I could not hold on
And off
Goes my friend
Now the screen is dark
And the room is quiet
Lacking in certitude about how now
The night will play out
It’s all up to me, what’s inside
The noise is harnessed in that rectangle
No longer free to bombard me
I’m left with the responsibility
Just me and my creativity
To make the room come back to life
All alone, I have to make it okay to be
All Alone.
By eLPy
We push death
To benefit some agendas
We cry culture
To right atrocities
We preach wrongs
To right our egos.
Who are we?
We are everywhere.
Let me take life
So that I may live mine
As I please.
I will do
What I punish you for
Because it benefits me.
I will punish you
For trying to live
As you see fit
For then,
There will be room for me
To live as I see fit!
Who is this “I”?
This “I” is everywhere,
In almost everyone.
Mass animal slaughter
Today, it’s dolphins in Japan.
Justice followed Genocide
When we deemed it worthy
But let go as long as possible
When we didn’t
Celebrated celebrities
Praised as false idol Gods
Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian
Diminished & demoted
Kept distant & reflected on remotely
MLK, Ghandi, Jesus
Haughty criminals disguised as leaders
Kept close, they remain in power
George W. Bush, countless corporate & political figures
Millions spent on marketing
Minorities spent on pain
All in the name of “our” gain
People defending their worth
As people
The “Jena 6”
Against people lying to
Remain high & mighty
White people, especially the wealthy
Or any one people/culture
Forcing themselves
Above another
We’ll hold the bait
For anyone/anything to race
Then ride their coattails
And in the end
Take their place
We kill our earth
And all her creatures
Just so we can exploit
Her features
The oceans, rainforests, all ecosystems
We take lives
From their homes
Exotic pet trade
Just to flaunt them
In our own & then neglect them
When we’re done
The pet trade
We tell others how to live
But that chance
We do not give
Developing nations, well really
Everyone different from ourselves
Billions spent on entertainment
Reality shows, award shows, political shows
Of deception, monetary affection and the infection
Of the need for power & control
While cents are spent on common sense
Global malaria prevention
Necessary, life-saving childhood vaccinations
Improved & proper sanitation
A consideration of the book of revelations
These are just a few of the things
We could do on our vacations
So imagine
All the progress we should make
Within our occupations
We don’t have to look far
Or even try hard
To find solutions
Cause they’re not in some
Upper/middle class
Economical revolution
They are found,
Global salvation is found
In the abolishment
Of mankind’s
Thunderous Nights Within
By eLPy
The room spins
And the thunderous fear
Crashes in to you.
Oh shit,
This is real.
You can feel it all around
Until you’re claustrophobic.
Just when you thought
You could breathe
And the sun will come again
Your darkness nailed all
Your doors
You could feel each nail
As it crucified your existence
Screaming out the windows
But no one near
Can hear your frequency.
Your decibels are off this scale
And on to the next.
Where they can hear you
It is the rest that forget you
Because you exist
In these moments
Beyond comprehension,
Like northern lights
And natural phenomena
There are few who even want
To know
What to do.
Let alone take on this
Trial of error
That is sometimes
And so much
The thunder follows lightning
Because it is only in seconds
You can see anything right now.
But oh how you wish lightning followed thunder first
Like fearless follows fear,
You need the sun
To follow nightmares
Right as you wake
To remember them
As it is then
You doubt you’ll escape.
It’s a natural disaster
Inside of you,
The winds won’t die
The rains won’t stop
And the thunder only gets louder.
The floods rise
The winds spin
And the sky darkens
Taking with it your hope
Of a rainbow
And its pot of gold.
To ask for help
Becomes a danger
To the others,
But you fear
You will not brave
You cannot swim
And the light is too far
Like driving to catch morning
Before you even see it
On the horizon.
You are not safe
Where you live,
As it is in this place
That you are conspiring
Against yourself.
But it is not you
And you can’t explain who
Until all the doors
And windows
All the safe exits
On the first floor
Are blocked with barricades
Of thoughts
That spiral in and down.
Run to the second
And then
Only can you jump,
No parachute
No glider
Not even an umbrella.
Then there is
And your second story
Becomes a second chance…
Yet…you still have to wonder
Is there
Still out there
Who can, will
Or even wants
To embrace this catastrophic place?
Or have all
The residents
Moved on, moved out
And forgotten?
With all this rubble
This work to be done
Comes fear like disease.
Panic rivals health
Peace of mind
Becomes so scarce
It’s wealth
And you are
But a poor gravesite
Where you are found
To be lost
As you see
That they’re blind.
There’s no one here
With directions
To the mountain near the sun
And its safety,
The rainbow and its pot of gold.
No, I don’t believe
The leprechaun exists!
But I can show you
Where there is paralyzing fear
That is real
And magic places made up
To pose enough
Like happy meals.
Where there is enough sadness
To make the sky blue
Leaving you
Up there
Lost in space
Where time is spent
And reality is wasted
Until it is forgotten
And something else
Replaces it.
Stuck in a house
With no roof
And no basement,
The thunder always
Rocks you,
The lightning always
Shocks you,
And tornados always
Catch you
With no safe place
To take cover.
So you sit
In this darkness
And maybe you wait till dawn,
Or maybe you dive into the shadows,
But you’re always wondering,
Until you can’t,
Where are the survivors?
Did they make it through?
Can they reach back with key in hand
To locked doors and unceasing storms?
Where are the saviors
To rescue us
From these behaviors?
          Grant us the heart
          And the eyes of an owl
          So we may see still                                   Through the dark
          And capture the light
          When it is scarce
          to guide us
                      through these pitch black, thunderous nights
                                         that live within us.

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