Poetry from Evelyn Posamienter




turtle dreams stir the shifting moods

of clouds & sea.  was it you or was it me?

deluged by god thoughts

a city collapses beneath confetti.

turtle dreams shift like you or me.

come back to kite hill

where childhoods & strange architudes

emerge.  call god into question.

the landscape crawls toward the camera





the deck chairs

the shuffleboard

& the bridge rounds

folks lounging in the sun

this is club dead

where grandmother’s

skin sheds itself

never mind the ashes

fallen in eastern europe

they don’t belong to you

or to me





the emptiness of the world, i can hardly hold on

i walked side by side with my childhood

& a bitter wind knocked leaves around

how quickly one can pack a suitcase

as if there were somewhere to reach

on a park bench sat invisible friends

arguing, teasing, then refusing to speak

not much fun i grant you

but this is my train, along

tracks through inhospitable lands, where

at least one person in your car

carries a badge


Evelyn Posamienter currently lives in California. She has had work published in a wide variety of magazines, including the SoMa Review, Big City Lit, and The Mississippi Review Online. She recently read from her work at April’s San Francisco Synchronized Chaos reading event, and may be reached at 87evymail@gmail.com