Poetry from Grant Guy


first i’ll have a beer


Grant Guy


i like small towns

i like to plant a photograph of it in my brain



pulled of the US15 & in about 11 miles I came to a town

an old red brick saloon introduced me to the town

it’s only concession to suburbann sprawl


a cold beer lured me on


outside the bar

a woman who must have spent the good part of the day in the bar

leaned against a wall

a bearded man was sucking back a beer


lined up out front were three dirt bikers

speaking in a language i could not identify


within seconds of being in the bar

a man a biker

stormed in from the bbq patio and violently lifted me up off my feet

and swung me out of his way me

he grabbed a stool at the bar

raised it two feet off the ground

& slammed it hard on the floor


ive had enough of the shit you’re giving me   he shouted


the biker stormed back out onto the bbq patio


i heard a beer from Fremont Street calling my name


but first ill have a beer here


Saturday Night at the Legion


Grant Guy



Saturday night at the legion

nothing happening here

‘cept the woman in her gucci jean


you’d think there would be hope

but you will be walking alone sunday


no  no hope

not until next saturday




last night at the legion

at a table were an army reservist

two retired army reservists

& a retired RCMP officer who resembled Max Gail

the retired RCMP officer says in a loud cannon like voice

put yourself into the mind of a billionaire   can you do that


there is about a five second silence

until the retired reservist with the oxygen tank says

in between gulps of air




what does an anarchist do at the legion on a Saturday night


he twists the night away



only     on a Saturday night at the legion

with the cover band

led by a one-legged singer

singing that rock n roll music

will you see someone

cutting the rig on the dance floor


with a walker



there was nothing for him on the outside


Grant Guy



there was nothing for him on the outside

that is why    he crawled back into the womb

& slammed the door behind him



no way   you bastard     the womb sd

thrusting out into the world


&   with no escape


he made the best of a bad situation.


he planned to make life

as miserable

as he could

for others.




Grant Guy is a Canadian poet, writer playwright, stage director and designer. He has over one hundred poems and short stories published in internationally. He has five books published: Open Fragments, On the Bright Side of Down, Blues for a Mustang, The Life and Lies of Calamity Jane and Bus Stop Bus Stop His plays include an adaptation of Paradise Lost and the Grand Inquisitor. He was the 2004 recipient of the MAC’s 2004 Award of Distinction and the 2017 recipient of the WAC Making A Difference Award.