Poetry from Ike Boat

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Gone Are The Days

Gone are the days,

When I never knew what writing pays.

Because, it’s taught solely in the classroom,

With many pupils like the broom.

Gone are the days,

When happiness brought about gays.

Even though some have different expression,

Like one’s view becomes impression.

Gone are the days,

When there’s many rail-ways.

This made traveling alternatively easy and fast,

To some, all are things of the past.

Gone are the days,

When barter became the terminology as some says.

Now, money and currency are used in the daily economy,

This is based on the system and not vasectomy.

Gone are the days,

When I’d no cap nor hat to walk under the sun rays.

Due to careless and reckless life of the hood,

Even when it’s possible to change the mood.

Bed Bugs Story

Bed bugs story,

It makes me feel so sorry.

How they’ve invaded the rooms,

As if there’re no sweeping brooms.

Some have hidden under the soften chairs,

This needs some sort of repairs.

They do their mischief in the middle of night,

When we’ve slept so tight and dreaming under the light.

It a wonder, how they befriend the skin,

And pierce hard like the pinch of a pin.

Bed bugs story,

It makes many feel the worry.

How their blood stains stink,

So terrible red, not pink like the colour of ink.

Of course, some are smaller others bigger,

They’re equal to the gold digger.

One can wear the cloth and feel their damage,

In fact, the can spoil a person’s public image.

By virtue of their painful bite which shake so severe,

They need to be killed without any revere.

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