Poetry from J.D. DeHart

Seems As Though
this may be the last poem
I will write.  Is that the case?
I’m not really sure.
Is it the thousand thousand
not yet messages from editors?
Not really, although I have been
told my submissions do not
fit the current needs, and even that
an editor’s process is a mystery
unto itself.  Whatever that means.
It just seems that my words
are making their way into new
directions, no longer ready to stack
up like stanzas.
As I put together my second
poetry collection, stringing experiences
and moments, I begin to think,
Maybe I will make a return after
a short creative nap.
Or else my words will continue
as long strings of prose, as researched
writings, who knows?  Egads.  I almost
just rhymed there.
Yet, definitely time for a poetic
break, at least for now.