Poetry from J.J. Campbell

White man with a beard and glasses and a beard and a mustache. He's in a room with some music and movie posters on the walls. He has a Black Lives Matter tee shirt with purple text on a black background.
one deadly hoax
whispers turn
to screams as
the number of
dead start to
this sure is one
deadly hoax
it's amazing
to think such
still exists in
this day and
parading around as a man
purple daydreams
the coughing lady
will kill us all
just another child
parading around
as a man
thank god she
had an abortion
any child of yours
would destroy
society as we
know it
another sunset alone
destiny is a dancer
that teases her big
ass in your face for
a few extra dollars
if you're lucky
she'll slip off her
mask and lick you
you don't want to
know where that

tongue has been
from the inside out
remember the crazy ones
the ones that would call
at four in the morning
because the world was
burning from the inside
the ones that would get
you so hard you had to
let go on the side of the
the ones that would ask
for a little dirty talk right
before the meeting with
her boss
the ones that told you
you aren't special
you have no talent
you will be as worthless
as your father
that your death will be
as meaningless as your
the ones that loved you
only to change their minds
the ones that stole from you
owe you money to this day
the ones that never bothered

to remember if you still exist
the day before thanksgiving
the experts
say we might
get some snow
the day before
given the
and how
easily it
a little havoc
on what is
usually the
busiest travel
day of the year
is probably a

good thing
checkout lane eleven
this fine as fuck
black woman was
working checkout
lane eleven at the
grocery store today
i wasn't like these
other lazy white
i helped her and
bagged my own
she thanked me
over and over
for doing so
i laughed and
said not all of
us are evil
i'd like to think
she was smiling
under her mask
she doesn't want
to know what i
was doing under


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