Poetry from Jake Cosmos Aller

Christmas Bombing in Nashville

There was a Christmas bomber

In Nashville one day

While watching the news

About the Christmas bombing

I am filled with curiosity

Who was this monstrous man?

Who was he?

What did he want to do?

Why did he do it?

What is the deep meaning behind it all?

The suspect said

To a neighbor

The day before Christmas

I have good news

I will become so famous

Nashville will Never forget me

Then this 63-year-old –white man

A reclusive strange man drove his RV

A believer in the shapeshifting lizard conspiracy

Perhaps a Q cult member as well

Drove his RV

filled with home-made explosive devices

To an ATT office building

Blew himself up inside the RV

Damaging 43 buildings

Knocking out power

The internet and cell service

The silence from the political leaderships

Speaks volumes

If he were a Muslim, an immigrant

A foreigner, a black or brown man

Authorities would be denouncing it

As an act of terrorism

And everyone will anxiously be wondering

When the next bomb will go off

And authorities will be hunting

The land for his associates

Fanning the fear

Driving the news cycle

Instead, we find out

 he is just a pathetic old man

Who was sad,

 which make us all mad

That he could do such a thing

And soon this will fade

Into our collective memory

There was a Christmas bomber

In Nashville one day

And we all forget it

Soon enough

It was just another day

In our crazy whacked outland

In these sad days of the pandemic 

We see the homeless people

Men, woman, and children

The strangers sleeping on the streets

In the richest country

In the planet

Millions were driven homeless

The strangers Sleeping on the streets

As rents go up and up

Jobs disappearing

Coronavirus spreading

The strangers sleeping in the streets

Social safety nets unraveling

Forcing more people

Into dire poverty

There but for the grace of God

We do not say to the Strangers

sleeping in the streets

As we walk by

The nameless men, woman, children

The strangers Sleeping in the streets

We seldom wonder

How they got there

And whether we can help them

The strangers sleeping on the streets

All too often

We walk on by

Consumed by own problems

Having little empathy

For the strangers sleeping on the street

Just enough for coffee

A homeless man

Stood on the street

Counting his change

From panhandling all morning

Just had enough for a cup of coffee

All in all

A good start

He ambled off to his favorite coffee shop

Where the owner

Was kind to the homeless


Treating them to a meal

On the house

The man said

I was in your shoes

Once years ago

And you never forget

When you are down

And out

Everyone forgets your face

No one knows your name

For you are now


Almost a ghost

The old man tried to pay

The owner said

Keep your change

You need it more than me

Have a meal with me

My friend

On the house

He ordered up

The homeless man’s favorite

Lumberjack special

Eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon


Lots of hot black coffee

To wash it down

The old man

Often had just one meal a day

Usually, a late breakfast

Sometimes if he were lucky

He would have dinner

And on a red-letter day

He would have three meals

The homeless man

Had been on the streets

For too long

Barely remembered his life

Before early-onset Alzheimer’s

Robbed him of his job

His dignity

His wife

His life

His money

Now he drifted

Waiting for the grim reaper

To call him home

Any day now

He prayed nightly

To a god

That he no longer believed in

Eve in the Garden  Eats the Apple

Eve was in the garden

Talking with Mr. Snake

Her new best friend

She was complaining about Adam

And about the management

Of the garden

The snake suggested she eat

The forbidden fruit

She said but the man

Said that I can not eat

That fruit

It is forbidden

Yeah that is what the man said

That is what he does not want you

To experience

The man and Adam

Are in on it together

I heard that Adam

I Will eat the apple tonight

But you need to get there first

Do you trust me, Eve

Of course, Mr. Snake

So you know what to do

Eve ate the apple

Called Adam over

Told him to eat the apple

While the Snake chanted

Eat it eat it

Set yourself free

And so Adam ate the apple

And joined Eve

In knowing everything

God came down

Banished them from the garden

Telling them

Well you made the bed

You will have to sleep in it

Go away

You disgust me


And Satan

You won your bet

You damn Snake

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