Poetry from James Brush

All the Way
Asphalt miles vanish beneath ever-thinning treads.

Sometimes a truck passes and the car trembles.

The truck fades, a memory in the rearview mirror,

and in that distance behind us, we see freedom.

In the miles between radio stations, voices crackle

from Mexico from Flagstaff, islands in a static soundtrack.

The lines on the map folded on the dash become

highways through the desert, the smile on your lips.

From pine-shrouded campgrounds to painted ruins,

roadside motels to cars wrecked and rusting in the desert,

and in the night-crashing waves of the western shore,

we learn the meaning of these secret messages:

rhythm of wheels, music of static, your hand on my knee,

the elegant whisper of trucks traveling the other way.
James Brush lives in Austin, TX and posts things online at Coyote Mercury where he keeps a full list of publications. He also edits the online literary journal Gnarled Oak.

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