Poetry from Janine Canan


Mother Earth, it is not you

who need to be invoked—

for you are always here!

But we your human children

who today must be invoked—

who have abandoned you, forgotten

to call upon you, neglected to care for you,

failed to serve you and disregarded your needs.

Help us now to awaken and remember

our obligations to you and all Earth’s beings.

Let your spirit fill us with love, appreciation and joy

and overwhelming desire to serve you in all that we do.

May we think and speak and act as one family of one Mother

who gives life to all and when it is time, takes it away.

Guide us, Great Mother, in every decision we make,

every habit we develop, every action we undertake.

May we never forget you again, beloved Mother Earth,

beautiful and bountiful source and resting place and wonder.


FROM CONSCIOUSNESS: NEW & SELECTED POEMS 1971—2014 (Regent Press, Oakland, Fall 2014)

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