Poetry from Joan Beebe



On this special day of celebration

We raise our flag in freedom once more

And watch parades with banners flying.

 Old soldiers are there too and some are crying.

But we go on with thankful praise,

Because we know the sacrifices made

Some will sing our anthem of old

Then thank our God as the day unfolds.

We love our country so as we look at the stars

On the red, white and blue

And say once again how lucky we are.

To live in this country so beautiful and fair

And we end our day with a special prayer.

We stand as a people diverse in many ways,

But we stand united together under our flag.

Because America embraces all who made

This country so grand and what it is today.

So may America, the land of the free and the brave

Be a symbol of peace to all people of the world

And our flag will stand proudly as the years unfold.



Joan Beebe (left) and fellow contributor Michael Robinson

I am watching a father lift his very handicapped daughter

From her her bed-like stroller.  This child looked to be around

9-10 years old.  She was extremely thin and her

Arms just flopped by her side as well as her legs.

The father cradled her head in his arms as she

Couldn’t hold it up by herself.  She was unable to

Talk as well.  But the gentleness of her father

Brought tears to my eyes.  He looked at her in

His arms and you could see the light of love

Being given to her.  Her large dark eyes looked

Back at him with the brightness of the stars
Every minute or two, the father bent over her

And kissed her.  It was as if the two were one
In the father’s look there was no one in the

World except for two human beings in their

Own world of love.

4 thoughts on “Poetry from Joan Beebe

  1. Joan,
    You have captured the spirit of poetry. I find your growth amazing and I know you are just starting to find your voice.

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  3. Joan,

    Poetry is a matter of the heart and soul. It doesn’t matter at what point we start our poetry journey, because it’s all our life experience that we are putting down on paper. At that moment, we experience a connection with God, others, and ourselves. See you in September.


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