Poetry from Joan Beebe

Joan Beebe and fellow contributor Michael Robinson
Joan Beebe (left) and fellow contributor Michael Robinson


We who live in this world and behold the elegant works of nature that enhance our lives every day are very fortunate.

There are days when we are in awe of the striking brilliance of the sun. 
On a dark and rainy day, we hear and see the dazzling beauty of sparkling raindrops. 

When that storm is over, we often see a colorful rainbow arching across the sky and, at times, it seems to be never-ending.Did you ever wish upon a star?
Sometimes the sky is filled with twinkling stars and it is an awesome sight.

Many days we observe different kinds of birds who are arrayed in colors of beauty.
Sometimes, we see flowers of many kinds reaching out to a nurturing sun. 

As we enjoy the these visions of nature, it brings sense of peacefulness to our soul.
The animals on this earth are many so we can love and enjoy and be thankful for the gifts of nature.