Poetry from Joan Beebe

Elderly white woman in a blue dress next to an older middle aged Black man in a striped tee shirt, hugging in a pool lounge area.
Joan Beebe, left, with fellow contributor Michael Robinson
A Rose

A rose has beauty
And sending it to someone
Has a message so caring.
A thank you for friendship, 
and always there
What more could one ask.
So I leave with a prayer.
And may blessings pour down
That we will share the roads of life
And remember the rose that will
Help us through strife.
                   An Autumn Pleasure

Taking a ride through mountains is a joyful relaxation never experienced before.  The mountains are majestic and the thousands of trees now show fantastic colors of their leaves -- gold, red, brown with a little green here and there.  Taking curves in the road at times takes you between mountain tops that is such picturesque beauty of fall colors.

At times like this, all concerns and worries seem to fade away and you are living in this world of nature giving us a time of happiness and thankfulness.

Life is a long fight for survival, or so it seems.

I know there are so many confusions and health issues 

and families can be part of this and cause us to feel 

real pain.

Our thoughts become a source of sadness and longing.

Yet, we keep a glimmer of hope within ourselves.

We pray, talk to friends and browse through old 

pictures.  Suddenly our thoughts turn to the future
and the feelings of hope and faith begin to shape 

Our mind instead of relentless depression.

The opportunities and gifts have been so many as we 

remember the joy and happiness some have brought.

So we begin to change ourselves and look forward

to sharing time and talents in special ways with 

those around me.

We finally experience peacefulness within our soul.
Hearts That Are Broken

Sadness may fill a heart with longing --

Longing for the sound of a baby's laughter

Or the sweet chirping of a bird outside your window.

Sounds of nature bring a pleasant relief to a

Heart that is feeling so alone.

One's heart is so entwined within our emotions

And we need to let the purity of nature

Fill us with a joy as we immerse ourselves in the

Gifts of nature's beauty

Then our heart will know the peace that comes

With becoming a part of nature's delight.

A Free Spirit

I watch the birds flying free in the sky 
And I think to myself I want to fly with them.

They are free to wander wherever they might,

And their freedom stirs a longing in me --

To join them in their journey and they know the way.

As I keep watching those birds in their flight,

My longing increases and my spirit joins them in

Their canopy of song filling the air with their joy.

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