Poetry from Joan Beebe

Middle aged Black man wearing a tee shirt hugging an older White woman, fellow contributor Joan Beebe, to his left. They're standing on concrete in front of some bushes.
Michael Robinson (right) and fellow contributor Joan Beebe (left).

Christmas – A Time of Love and Remembrance

The star is shining over a small wooden stable.

We wonder so we stop and look inside.

There lies a small baby lying on a bed of straw,

And we see Mary and Joseph watching this new little one sleeping

while shepherds gather to praise and adore this baby whose life will eventually bring crowds of people turning to our Father in Heaven.

Three Kings arrive and they bring gifts. 

The beautiful star in the sky which kept moving to bring the Kings to adore the baby lying on the straw.

Some day in the future this little one will suffer and die on a Cross for all people then and now.

The Lord watches over us and at Christmas we

Remember this baby and we are thankful as we celebrate this happy and beautiful day of Remembrance.

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