Poetry from John Most

I’ve heard that a nurse will sing Amazing Grace on inauguration day for Biden and Harris.
I understand Donald Trump may sing his own version for his departure:
“Amazing Base” (with apologies to the composer/lyricist of Amazing Grace)

Amazing base, how sweet their sound
To praise a kvetch like me
Dems claim I lost, (fake votes they found)
They’re blind – just wait – they’ll see!

‘Twas Race I used to stoke such fear
And Race the nation cleaved
How sharp my ugly tweets appeared
My smitten base believed

Through Mueller, and impeachments’ tar
We have already come
The base has stuck with me so far
My base will lead us home

My reign should last ten thousand years
Bright, shining as the sun
With all those days to sing Trump’s praise
We’ve only just begun

Amazing base, how sweet their sound
That loves a kvetch like me
I’ve never lost: Fake votes were found!
Stand strong, just wait – THEY’LL SEE!