Poetry from John Patrick Robbins

Before You Go

Sometimes when it’s silent in the bar the memories come to me as  a flood .

Emotions I would rather bury and old ghosts at times I wish only to see again.

And alone with my demons I find no excuses but every reason .
So I simply press the gas pedal .

Drink until I collapse and pretend it’s all in a good time .
When that old truth long since left this party so long ago.

Nobody truly needs you .
And don’t believe you cannot be replaced .

As easily as a person changes a lightbulb.
And throws the old one away.

Never lie to yourself .
For I know this truth better than any other .

My story has come to its end and you as a reader will find another thats suits your mood all the same.

It was good for the moment .
Whispered lies, are lies all the same.




         A Difference Of Opinion

A beautiful woman is like blessing upon the eyes .
And times a curse upon the tortured soul.

A great conversation after she has long since left the room .
Perfume for thought and the fuel of want and distant stories .

I once had a friend tell me.

“You don’t respect women cause you write such terrible things about them”.

I was always amazed by a critics opinion of my words .

Let alone the opinion of someone I considered my friend .

I laughed and bled in thought my temper held in check .
For my words were like the razors edge and I could cut anyone to bits if I choose to easily .

” Sweetheart as long as you’re not the bitch I’m writing about why does it matter to you”?

“You can’t group all people together “.

I laughed .

“I didn’t believe I was my dear , I write my truths leave them bare I love women even the ones that left a scar “.

“Well you have a funny way of showing it “.

I didn’t reply and eventually I allowed her self righteous opinion of me to smolder .

We joked and as usual the past was soon buried with the dead conversations much like this one.

I could push every button at will much like a old typewriter .

If she didn’t care she wouldn’t be so damn quick to snap .

Well either that or she was secretly a lesbian like a old friend once said .

I loved women and nothing brought me more pleasure than firing up the ones I truly respected .

Guess that’s why I was still single.