Poetry from J’Rie Elliott

“…Some endings are not nice…”
By: J’Rie Elliott
He watched her through her window pane,As she moved in her room;Her body drove his mind insane,

He would put her in her tomb.

The night drew on as he stood and hid

He never made a sound;

Just watched her dress, then watched her sleep—

While no one was around–

The sun brought light and daytime warmth,

As he slept in the bushes outside—

She dressed and made ready for the day ahead;

Unaware she should run and hide.

We never think of the things so simple;

That alter each day of our lives.

If she had she never would have agreed,

For him to give her a ride—

A year ago to the day

She sat inside his car;

A friend of a friend or a cousin of a friend

She thought she was safe by far.

That night had been without event;

A blown out tire without a spare—

So she climbed inside and said “Take me home”

Her life was without care.

She saw him at the coffee shop,

She saw him at the store,

And then again at Sunday church;

You see it was her he did adore.

He planned it out,

To the last detail;

How they would spend their special day.

Roses, wine some soft candle light—

Then with him she would lay.

The day it turned and twilight fell,

And as always she journeyed home.

To her cat, her dog and little goldfish–

She always came home alone.

He waited until she was in the bath,

To make his presence known.

Her face was covered as she rinsed her hair.

When came time to make his presence shown.

He grabbed her by her arm and then,

She screamed and slipped away

He grabbed again at her nakedness—

This time his grip did stay.

He professed his love for her,

And said “I know you love me too.”

But fear was there inside her heart,

Yet there was nothing she could do.

He pulled her from the soapy tub–

And into the room he prepared.

How had she not known he was in her house–

Oh how she was so scared.

He wrapped a towel around her breast,

As he sat her down to wine.

She tried to do just what he asked,

Hoping things would be fine.

He ranted and he rambled on,

About all the times they shared;

The laughs, the dance, the midnight dreams—

Things that were never really there–

Then her fear turned to dread,

As he said, “Let’s go to our room.”

She knew what he wanted and what to expect;

Her head began to swoon.

He caught her as she swayed to faint,

And slapped her face awake.

“Wake up my love.  You’ll miss the fun.”

He was not about to wait.

She would not go silently into the forever night,

Nor would she let him take her with ease.

Now it’s time to put up a fight,

And make him say “No please.”

She threw her head into his face,

Breaking his nose with the blow.

Then grabbed the lamp and cracked his head,

Time seemed to move so slow.

He dropped to the floor with blood on his face,

She jumped to flee the room;

He grabbed her foot and pulled her down—

This fight would not end soon.

He called her names and screamed in pain

As she bit him on the arm;

He slapped her face and knocked her down—

Now he would do her harm.

This story ends with a death—

There is no reason why.

There is no moral to be derived from here,

Just a family left to cry.

I relayed the facts as known to me,

Simple and concise—

Some outcomes we cannot change;

Some endings are  not nice.

J’Rie Elliott is a mother, wife, daughter, and accomplished horseback rider from Alabama, USA. She can be reached at dixiepoet@gmail.com

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