Poetry from Justin Karfs

Old Proposal

I just want someone, to be there with me
Stick through defeat, and victory
Through the highs, and past the lows
There to help me handle the blows

Cause life is tough, the world unkind
Id like you there for peace of mind
Because I think your just divine,
Would you please, be mine?

Yes, the word I hope to hear
Being alone, my only fear
To never ever have you near
Hell, Id rather cut off my ear!

Id rather not swear us to secrecy
Not just smooch at the speak easy
I really do love you so much,
Your kisses sweeter than the dutch
I don’t mean to feel so much,
But being without you life’s on a crutch

So at last I get upon thine knee,
And solidfy our bond, I to she
I certainly believe this meant to be
So darling will you, marry me?



Never Say Forever

You’re beautiful
I heard him whisper
As his soft hands touched my gentle heart
Forever he says
Such sureness in his tone
Forever right now I respond
For the future is putty
No definite shape

Coffee? He asks
No, I swiftly respond
Why would I want to wake from this,
An adrenaline shot
Preventing me from entering the peace of death
Twisted comparison?
Thats what you do baby, I say
You twist me up inside

Forever always, he replies
There goes that word again
7 letters, isn’t that a lucky number?
Lucky, ha, for a word that cause heartache
Like a man who spends his money on the lottery
Once in a while you get a winner,
But for the most part, disappointment

Too many heavy promises
Broken, rope cut
Smash into my already fragile heart
State of mind, red, blue
Strange, our world, rivals
In the emotional spectrum of life,
Sadness, the calm before the storm
Anger, one mean motherfucker

Stop, I say quickly
Because underneath I see
I, just a notch in the belt
You, another knot in my noose

Before the floor drops
I drop you instead
Out I shout
Or You’ll be dead

Tears run down
As you leave my house
While I lay here
Quiet as a mouse

Forever baby,
More like
Forever on guard.


Justin may be reached at jkarfs@gmail.com

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