Poetry from Kamila Bogedal

Achy Breaky

The sound the heart makes
When it doth break
Oh joy – the bittersweetness
The relief of great endurance
The salty weepy
Slimy creepy
Stupid thing
I should have never let you in.

Cabin in my heart

The Windows were so dirty
The sun didn’t hurt my eyes
The tears I felt a’coming
Couldn’t finish my pain’s demise
The wispy leafs on the dying tree
Didn’t bother to stay belonging
My heartthrobs nocturnal neediness
Was never ready for the morning

I stole a glance of the horizon

The dreary task of day
Yet nigh seems the end of reason
And with it my dismay

Love Is…

Green and purple slimy hearts
Pulsating shaping your name
Rotting disgusting smelly farts
Is the fragile frame
Which keeps us sane They told me that love was a marvellous thing
A great blizzard of pink snow and thunder
But as I lay dying in your cums unchanging stink
I can only seem to wonder
About the tragedy that lies yonder It’s funny how a poet can only seem to describe
The flabbergastering truth that love hides
And it’s gooly how, when you find it you do
Realize with regret that love is indeed
Only too good to be true