Poetry from Kamilla Bøgedal


Answers are imminent

What happened to loyalty what happened to truth?

What happened to just being you?

Why does beauty strive so far, why does love now own the ability to mar?

Are we changing our course for a negative outcome, is this the end to man?

Will we ever again become fearsome or have we emptied out our jar of sand?

Do you believe or do you only understand when I tell you,

This is not the way our destiny was planned.


Depression with a rhyme-scheme

I long to live out my dreams,
but reality is as reality seems,
it’s hard work and occasional breakdowns
usually it just feels like acting silly in front of clowns..
I guess the true story is;
It will probably always be like this.


This view

I’ve never realized how glorious a view can be

It grabs and takes holds of us


It’s a thing you can’t compare

To anything, anywhere


White dots in the frizzled silver

And though humanity made its mark

A reason to wonder it can always deliver


Creamy beads of spring

Dancing not to care, if they would they could sing


A restless never-ending sea

Always searching

And I come to believe it was all made

Just for me