Poetry from Karen D’Antona

By Linda Rondon

The Lottery
It was surreal even when it was happening.
I can’t help but think of it as some strange kind of lottery.
The children were delighted; we’re going home early!  Who will be next?  Why can’t it be me?
The single mothers usually so beautifully made up, were numb and ashen.
As more children left the classroom, the cheers were replaced by fears.
The teacher was so brave holding their tender faces, as tears dripped down her hands.
What’s happening?  The children’s voices whispered.  She shook, as she searched for the words.
Little did any of us know the numbers would be 9-11.

*My unique reference point was created in a community where many of the parents worked in The Twin Towers.  From the inside of a fourth grade classroom, I watched as an unselfish, dedicated teacher did her job under the most traumatic of circumstances.  
9-11 reminds us that fate does not choose favorites. 

Karen D’Antona

About the Author…

Karen D’Antona is a survivor, risk-taker, wife, mother, and educator.  Her spare time is filled with love, drama, home cooked meals, and a well paired wine… not necessarily in that order.