Poetry from Karen Mitchell

I am the one who floats, carefree among the chaos of the world. As the hordes swim by playing follow the leader, without a true leader. I stand outside. I don’t follow the crowd. I follow the ebb and flow of my own tide. Floating in the serene, tranquil ocean. Moving as the ocean would have me, rather than fighting the current to get to some imagined perfect location. I float in the vastness and I am the one who is at peace.

I am the one who stands out. Out of my element but perfectly at peace. Everyone around me the same. Work to live, live to work. But I do what I want. I enjoy life. I live to explore, to learn, to observe. I watch as others fight the tide to get to shore, to their perceived safe haven. But I have chosen the world as my safe haven. I am the one who stands out because that is my home.

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