Poetry from Kevin Sampsel


A cricket black
No longer croons.
Meadows seared
By angry Sol
Smoke and smolder.
Nature never more callous
Or colder, protection cracks
And goes collapsing.
Vain ignorance chastised—
It was stunning here,
Until it appeared.
Swiftly came rebuke.
Kevin Sampsel grew up writing poetry and fiction in East Tennessee. He currently makes his home in Norfolk, Virginia. His first book of poetry, Vibration and Swaying, was published in 2012.www.kevinsampsel.com


Goddess bend,
Light my path.
Shed beams upon my spirit,
Drift across my eyes.
Let me hear:
Slow breathing.
Diana shine your face.
Mesmerize my fevered mind.
Silver light—
Milky reflections—
Ease my madness some.
Oh, enchantress: envelope me.
Your robe flows white,
Or is that your light?
I need—cool aura—
The tender heart.
Contentment comes—
Bleed darkness from this sky,
Or let it stay, and
Comfort me—deity.
Chronic sense of agitation permeates,
Creates an anguish and suffering,
And delays a sought after toughening.
Heart feels fragile—emaciated—
But shows no sign of strengthening.
Alas, will recovery ever begin?
Will the agony be backward sent?
Unease, dull heart, bewilderment—
Every inch exudes a tenderness.
Misfit emotion, isolation,
Garishness—is this wallowing?
Will there soon be a sparing—
A rescue-device—from punishment?
The blood stream is losing oxygen.

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