Poetry from Kira Burton

Embrace Dissonance
Simplicity in chaos

The disorientation of unreality


Of your own insignificance

Finding that time

Is the most valuable commodity

The clock ticks

As you read this

Is it worth it?

The most beautiful moments

Are tragedies

Because they end

We are always waiting

For something to begin

Lingering has consequence

We say forever

Like it actually exists

Optimistic in our hubris

Embrace the discord

Because change is perpetual

And without its ongoing tilt

We would wither

We would wilt

Let whimsy rule the day

Let nonsense out to play

And place logic in a box

Only to be used when requisite

If possible avoid it

Logic lies

Logic justifies

There is honesty in discord

That is not easily ignored

Because it makes up our very existence

And it is exquisite in its persistence

It is the majesty of juxtaposition

Peace within dissonance


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