Poetry from Leticia Garcia Bradford

The Undoing of a Nemesis
by Leticia Garcia Bradford
You made my life unhappy to the extent that my happiness relied on another. I’ve spent more time and energy on your existence than was healthy. I went round and round in circles with the pain. You took from me what was mine. Or was it really? And, yet, you took away even more. My dignity. I felt violated in the way no person should suffer. My pain was unyielding, fatiguing, wearing my spirit down. Wearisome, I tried to forgive. The heart couldn’t forget the pain. My coping skills to manage you weren’t up to par. I tried. I ignored you. I didn’t acknowledge you.
But, there you were with a false happy smile and I felt betrayed.
Life changes
You are no longer a threat
I have nothing to hold on to
but the pain you inflicted
I can release myself from the misery
now that you are a neutral party
You are real, but negated
No longer are you a stone wall keeping me back.
No longer are you an irritating pea in my shoe.
No longer are you an object of my unhappiness.
My happiness depends on me
As it always has
Truth be told
I was always happy
You were just a dark spot in the line of my vision
Now that you are gone
My sight is restored
Yet, the memory of the pain
needs to move to the periphery
You’re no longer the dartboard of my soul
Entrenched entangled
The false web is gone
Freedom still eludes me
I shall rest when you are truly dead
Leticia Garcia Bradford performs around the SF East Bay at open mics and readings.  She finds herself a poet, a playwright and  pharmacy techinician. She is the founder of the B Street Writers Collective in Hayward, CA. Check out her blog of her poems and stories atlgbradford.blogspot.com