Poetry from Linda Allen


By: Linda Allen

There’s snow on the ground

It’s like God’s blanket of beauty

Nothing more comforting than snow

It’s like God’s way of telling humans to slow down and look around at the beauty in this world


Snow makes you want to cuddle up

With your honey

With your babies

Snow makes you want to cuddle up by the fire with hot chocolate and read a book


Snowball fights going on

Snowmen being built

Snow covered houses, cars, and trees

Snow brings smiles and joy to children’s faces all around the world

Snow blankets the world in beauty and love

Snow makes us forget the ugliness that happens in this world, if only for a little while


There’s snow on the ground

Blanket of beauty and love

Slow down and marvel at this world and all the beauty and possibilities


Snow, what could be more beautiful?


Christmas Day Snow

The snow covers the ground

Everything is white except the trees

The snow has to be at least 5 or 6 inches deep

She sits in the silence staring out of the sliding glass window

She sees the beautiful snow and it inspires her

Snow is like a blank canvas, it covers everything that is ugly

The wind blows softly; the birds are flying and singing do they see the beauty?

Do they see the beautiful snow?

Why are they here?

Didn’t they know to fly south for the winter?

The sun is barely over the horizon, the smell of turkey fills the house

It’s Christmas morning and she cannot seem to sleep,even though she has a head cold and two ear infections

She thinks about the people who have lost their lives this year, hoping and praying that the snow makes the tears disappear for just one moment

As they reflect on their pain for just one day for Christmas cheer

For days like this she thinks of the angels that are looking down and watching her, she thanks them for the snow

So Merry Christmas to all

Make snow angels in the snow for loved one lost and remembered

Merry Christmas


In love and memory of:

Michael Bennett (cancer)

Earl Bennett (cancer)

Roy Bennett (alcoholism-lung failure)

Three uncles that are gone, but never forgotten

Who’s That Baby in the Window? 

Who’s that baby in the window?
She looks a lot like you
Her eyes are blue just like yours
Looking at her makes me miss you so much more
I see her and want to cry
You are gonna miss so much

Who’s that baby in the window
She smiles at everyone she sees
She brightens up my day
She reminds me of you
She makes me see you every day

Who’s that baby in the window
She’s fast asleep and I could watch all night
She looks the way you did when you slept
Can you see the angel we made from heavens window?

Who’s this baby in the window?
The perfect reflection of love
Love for me
Love for our daughter
Love for our country
You paid a high price for love, but the price was worth all the pain

Who’s that baby in the window?
The daughter of a hero
Gone but never forgotten

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