Poetry from Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal

Plain Human

Where is the rest?

I have to do so much

like the energizer bunny

but I’m plain human.


I’m being asked

to bang that drum all night,

burn the candle at each end,

but I’m plain human.


I got tired arms.

I got tired legs.

This heart beats fast.

This poor head spins.


Where is tomorrow?

It seems to be here

sooner than later.

I’m plain tired.


Where is that bed

to lay my pillow to rest?

I sleep wide awake.

I’m plain tired.


I got tired arms.

I got tired legs.

I just need rest

to be myself again.


April Fools

April fools,

all day long.

April fools,

every day.


The hot August heat

knows it full well.

April fools into

September and October.


April fools

on Halloween.

April fools

on Turkey Day.


Nothing seems real.

We are on

joke alert with

each passing day.


It is surreal.

I can’t tell

the difference

with alternative facts.


Taking Note

My ear takes note

of the night voices

that do not tire

even as I hide below

the sheets.  I could

cut the ear off, but

I am no Van Gogh.

The silent flowers

drown in the sun.

My ear feels the heat

of the sun and hears

its sizzle. The sound

is deafening.