Poetry from Luke Kuzmish

sleep shatters


my sleep shatters

neath a diamond moon


my eyes sting

in dim bedroom light


white walls like velvet

welcome me home


my embrace

is only warmth


my heart is a vacuum

hoping against dawn,


at least

for a longer night



cheap nights



the Law & Order theme

reminds me of

blood stained walls,

little flecks

faded orange,

from a dull needle

as I pushed

water through


smoke alarm calling

to disinterested occupants

increasing the panic

and then

hunting a girl

who cut herself

where no one could see,


just a mirage

in a personal



hand rolled cigarettes


from the tobacco of acrid butts


waiting for the continental breakfast

at a hotel

I couldn’t afford


hunger trumps



the Law & Order theme

the most natural beauty


of cheap


in rented




lady justice


“There is far too much law for those who can afford it and far too little for those who cannot”

Derek Bok


it’s not a crime

to tell a cop to go

fuck himself, not a

crime to film a cop

as he arrests a bum

nor is it a crime

to appear in court

wearing a lip ring

but crimes are betrayals

of the law and nothing

to do with justice.

the law does not care

to have its heart broken

and the jails are full

of proof

the juvenile delinquents

piped in

the people stuck in the system

for 10 years on a 1 year

probation sentence

are proof.

roads are built and police

cruisers are bought with

the fees and fines given

verity by the honor bestowed

to a man with a badge

and the dishonor

we are born with when

we are born

without money.

lady justice,

behind that blindfold

she just weeps.


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