Poetry from Luna Acorcha

You Know What She’s About


The curve of the mouth

comes loose with her

and she talks like she’s from Texas.

That little painting looks

all cute beside her.

It’s from Texas or something.

You know, I’m not real sure where

I’m coming from

when I say this,

But she makes me think of the south.

And that’s all about Amanda

and Jose.

Jose and Amanda are all about the south.

And she talks like she has

a really big crush on

him, but I totally get it,

it’s hard to resist

he got a real good tan from


And it’s cool to talk about the south.

Something warm, she knows.

She’s got the perfect lines.

She’s real cool.

But like whatever.

And she doesn’t really need these


she’s cool without them.

She’s cooler than you.