Poetry from Mahbub

Mahbub, writer and English teacher in Bangladesh

Mahbub, writer and English teacher in Bangladesh


Our Present Children


Nowadays the parents of our children

Are very careful to their children

Involve the children always busy with study

The world is too much competitive

Parents want them to read till evening

When we, not very far away from this

Likely to play on the ground

Before sunrise they start for Kindergarten

When they should fly like birds on the floor garden

They need more education from very early of age

How it be possible hits always to the parents

At this what it happens

Children grow weak and not innovative brain

Parents are very careful to their children nowadays.



I came back from Camp


Today I came back home

From my five days Scout Camp

The days I spent were

Full of interest with my students

Today I finished my camp

How joyous it was!

It’s an another world where we can

Find ourselves, create ourselves

Enlighten our mind, mentally

It switched on a bulb to go forward

Removed the darkness around us.




A life only a name


Life is nothing but a name

When it is so then it would be

Rather good to be a hungry dog

On the way hours after hours

Waiting for food but not to think

For killing people on the way

They like to move going forward.

By a man or woman you prove

You killed the whole humanity.

Really you fail to know who you are

 You die a death of a terror in this short flow.

Then a life only a name written in the forehead

You’ll see and cry out with fear in the long run.





Blood-shed is here, blood-shed is there

Here and there almost everywhere

flows a salty current of blood.

When I sleep, I tremble with fear.

A howling rage, spreads the hands

with dark eyes and deep black physic

hold my throat tight stopping my breath

I scream, burst out in cry

Weapons are ready to destroy

Again I started crying out in sleep.

There was no pass to go away

from the clutch of the embodied souls

there runs a dangerous wave of blood

taking the souls of the world.


Balubagan, Chapainawabganj



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Mahbubul Alam John

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Harimohan Govt. High School

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