Poetry from Mahbub










A love body


This is my body

A man’s body

For a woman, next to you all over —–

I would like to build a castle for you, my darling

I would like to live in you for ever and ever

But nothing can I make that proves I be for you

I have no speech to express

I have no hand to touch

I have no mouth to kiss

I have no way to move towards you

But I see every item of every wonder

that hangs me with the string of love

I move, my body says ‘I love you, my darling and all —‘.





Ours  is a life, a jam prone journey

Every moment we are lagging in a certain place

One after another, this or that, here and there

A shabby marshy bog looks not so soothing

Always going on a play of shooting

I am a fearful man, now more feared

All seem to be stopped and fixed in one place and time

I bite my tongue but there no blood comes out from that

At once I pay heed to my beats whether I alive or not

A Moorish land clogs to move forward

The engines are to stand still before our gray eyes

No result comes out for this stagnant muddy journey.





I find myself


Feathers are sprouting from her

Only head and mouth left to grow

Whole body is covered with wings

On the crystal water light

Reflects as soft as moonlit night

She takes her step in dancing mode

Her glittering eyes,  the sound of rings

Hides me to the surprise, a blessing home

I try to find myself my destination

Towards the end of my whole journey

I discover myself in a fairy land of white feathers.


A  Dog’s Cry


It was a heart breaking cry I heard last night

I was in deep sleep but suddendly a sound of cry

that woke me up

I was startled to hear the missing cry

I tried to make out the rolling sound

but  I couldn’t find any more

It seemed to be a woman who lost her dear

and was breaking the heart watering the eyes

rolling down to the ground

over night after night

It was a time of sound sleep

but what I heard I could not catch any more

the whole night and my heart also

waves with the dog’s voice

This was a sound stuck me to

the  hundreds and thousands of cries.



Leaving Me Alone


What is creed or what is greed

Would not like to read

Its my creel I bought

So many fresh fishes are collected

Would you like to get one?

You say, ‘yes, I need only one’

Then at once a big slap on the face

‘go away from here and never try to back’

Its my world to exist, only my —-

‘Go to the shore and enact your crank-shaft

Start your day with new speed’

Leaving me alone ‘go away all the evil spirits’

All the items of good and drink

consumed by day and night.


Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh