Poetry from Mahbub

See You Before Death


So many years I wonder

so many times my brain got

tempted and tempered eyesight

became dull and dim

can not move foreword

many times I tried and tried

much more than this or that

I can reach my goal

but faltered and stood up again

to move forward

at  last time came finally

I am at the time of pathetic death

in the meantime you grown up with

so many branches with so many leaves

my eyes lift up with joy

to see the green and flourished

colourful sunny  beauty of  the tree.



Waiting for You


I have been waiting for you long since

when you were not in the world

when you didn’t see buds of the roses

I thought you be here

I wanted you whole heartedly

you’ll be my love, my bed player

you’ll be my classmate

my own dear

so many nights I spent without sleep

played with you round your body in dream

flowed with you over seas

tasting your limbs of the waters

wanted to share my likes and dislikes

what happened then?

when I see you to be a full moon

you hang your turn towards the third man

I only wait and wait

getting lost by myself

see you  happy to your mates

breaking my heart say





When My Eyes Will See No More


When my eyes will stop to see any more

when I’ll take rest  for ever in the grave

no other energy will permit me to go on

my conversation with you

I’d live in a certain solitary place in silent

all my works and deeds will show me

as a living person

you can converse with me

make dialogue with me

with one another and see me before you

only my body is absent there

there is a hidden love between you and me

this will never diminish

as we are all our mates in the world

have gone through many ways

holding our hands together

I think see you again and again

into your sight

by my works

I’ll talk to you back to back

though my eyes will stop to see any more.




The Sky is So High


I can touch the roof when I like to touch

I can reach the moon when I like to

I can cross the border to meet you

when I like to

The sky over head is so high

I wish to touch, but fail

I brood over this and see

how vast the sky is!

how decorated with the stars at night

how delighted the sunny day

the stars are twinkling

reflecting colourful sights

the sun is the source of all energy

we all exist and live loving each other

the sky is so high

holds us together.



The glory of your sight


I long for a sight

swings away, not to be able to reach

my heart sinks into

Again I rush to thee

fly away

But I see the sight in the clouds floating in the sky

I hear the glory of the voice

in the chirping of birds

I taste that always when I walk

by the coral islands

ever fresh and blue.


Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh