Poetry from Mahbub

21 February


We struggled for the Language

It was for Bangla

We achieved our right

Recognized today as

International Mother Language Day

21 February is a red letter day

For all of us in the world

Salam, Barkat, Rafique, Zabbar and so many

Laid down their lives

As we are in this earth

No one can take away our Mother Tongue

We are blessed with a language

Express our thoughts and ideas

Peace be upon them who sacrificed

The most valuable lives

To communicate with each other

By our own language

Different community, nation and groups

Remember the day

with great respect and honour.


Ours beauty of Nature


Tigers are grazing

Lions are roaring

Deer are looking straight to us

Birds are chirping

Peacocks dancing

Watching infatuated

The sun is rising

The sun is setting

The moon shining at night

We compose new songs

Make our love

Lost in passionate play

Flowers are blooming

Humming of bumble-bees

How exciting!

The oceans are rising

The rivers are flowing

Some are walking

Some are running

Some are sitting and

Lying on the shore

A blissful moment

Caught in the twinkling

Breaking the door of dwelling

Wow, mind blowing!






When you perform a stage program

I enjoy the role of your performance

You sing, dance, recite and act in drama

So many audiences clap their hands or

Cry in sorrow, you are a successful performer

With your skilled charming voice and face

You captivate the minds of thousands and millions

I wanted to be a famous one like you, my friend

I am a wanderer now nothing to be done

I have no way to take a step for renewal

With a broken heart I play on my flute

In this dark world

Where everyone is my near but

I am not to everyone

What I think with one

The next day is turned over

Breaking the words every moment

What is deprived of?

Nothing to be answered

I play on my flute alone by bush

Or the river for ever

Every morning or evening

I establish my own performance.




The days gone by


The days gone by reflect in the eyes

The buildings so high, the cottages

The beautiful green trees and leaves

The flowing rivers, the fresh

Red, blue, magenta, green, rosy

Colored flowers welcomed me and

Various cactuses in my yard

The fragmented bricks by the way

The role of walking cows in the fields

The calling of sheep, the grazing of goats

And the cows coming back to home flying dust

At the evening in my village home

I can see vivid on my bed when I open my eyes

With my friends I went to the stalls and took snacks

Lost ourselves in talking, discussing on

Over the smoke of the tea cups

All are gone by

The attending of classes, the teachers’ faces

And some memorable speeches

Can’t but realize today once for all

From a child, a boy

From a boy, a man

From a man, an old and at last die

How speedy the days gone by!

Yet we struggle for reformation always.



Chandra-A Murderer


Chandra loved her husband too much

But her husband did not understand

He married once more

More than four or five times

But she agreed all of them


She wanted to be touching him

If not daily at least once a week

He never paid any heed to her

In this way eighteen years have passed

She has got four sons in her lap


Being liberal in heart she continued

Her life in this way taking much pain in heart

Her parents forced her to divorce him

She did not like to do that


They lived in the same locality

One day she heard that Her husband was alone in his house

His next wife has gone to her parents’ home

Cooking some delicious food for him


Chandra entered his husband’s room

Seeing her he became so furious

She tried to make him cool

But he suggested her to pass her time

With many others in the outer world


At this fire started to burn

In her head but suppressed

And spent the whole night awakening


It was early in the morning

When her husband was in deep sleep

She brought a piece of rock from the cooking room

That was used for grinding spices and

Struck on his head again and again till death


Confirming his death she cut his penis

And rushed to the police station

She proclaimed, ‘O police officer, I have murdered my husband and it is his penis,

Please hang me quickly; I would not like to live anymore.’


When asked why she cut the penis

She replied if he gets back life to save the virginity of any other girl.


Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh 22/01/2017