Poetry from Mahbub



Once We Flew


That day at the spring afternoon

We flew in the sky light

Our companion was crores of stars

And lived there years after years

The stars are not as enlightening as we were

We floated and enjoyed all the beauty of the unseen discovered

A dimension to play and mirth

Nothing to dismay nothing to disappoint

When we stood on the shore

can’t be remembered

Now we play with a ball day and night

A missing light always hinders to throw at the right point.



To See A Rose


How sweet a rose, how charming its scent

I am enchanted to see and feeling the fragrance

I like to be in touch, always try to make a connection

To remove all my sorrows, sufferings and frustrations

You do not think any particular race and religion

You are a blooming beauty to all and from every corner

What I do, not to do but to do for what it is

We are men or women can’t find a place where

There is always a sublime beauty to take place

O my goodness where can I find a place to say

We are for all, not only for you or him/her.




In Search of Light


When all in deep sleep I am alone rising

When all are in silent I make a loud cry

Take a horrible thought not to join the work

When all are very good I am not at all

Move round the sun and make always fun

By chance or gradually, dashes down to the ground

When all are in dance keeping hand in hand

I am to sky always float with the dark clouds

In search of light always in my heart.



If You Love Me


If you love me I can give up wine

If you love me I can give up smoking

If you love me I can bind your ever green face

in my eyes to lead my life and death

If you love me I’ll not let you stay alone in darkness

If you love me O darling, I’ll be ever fresh for you

If you love me I’ll be cured that I am in mental problem

If you love me all my burning ashes will be cool and silent

If you love me I can dream always a sweet dream

If you love me I can’t lose the goal of my journey

If you love me I can get always the fragrance of a rose

If you love me I can be attentive to my working

If you love me I can swim spreading my hands and head

in the swimming pool hours after hours

If you love me I can’t loose my character

If you love me it would be a matter

that I have come in this world

If you love me there will be no pain in heart

If you love me my inspiration of writing can make double

If you love me it would be a wonderful sunrise in the morning

If you love me it would be a wonderful sunset in the evening

If you love me I can take a tension free breath always

on the pick of a shady hilly place

If you love me I can’t think of going to astray

If you love me I can float on beautiful nature

and draw you within feeling and hugging

If you love me I can’t forget the track of running

If you keep an positive eye on me

I can live in this world at least a day or two

Then O my darling, please see and think of

What I am telling.




O My Bamboo High


You are a long bamboo

I am a little grass

You fall on me

You rise on high

I am enlightened by the way

You are always

I think for you

I take care of

By holding the soil

Not to roll down on water

You look at me

You laugh at me

Don’t think for today or tomorrow

Or coming future

You are my leader

You are my rudder

I never worry about

When you look like a bristle

You taste somewhat like briny

Can’t tolerate brinish water

Find out the way running over

Make a jump long or high

Falter I everywhere

Be broiled over a fire

How I should I die

Say always though thankful to all.


Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh