Poetry from Mahbub



Once I was suddenly attacked in my heart

I tried to speak loudly but failed

I tried again but failed

As I spoke from heart and belly

Once I suddenly got struck

How should I stand before

My students are my audience

I am on the stage

I lectured with full of my voice

Suddenly it was stopped by fear or despair

Now after thirteen years the condition is better

But I faint often

When it rises in my thought

It can’t be exposed

But the fire burned in my heart

Make me cry silent

My breath stops

Life is too short

I think and again despair.


Raindrops are falling on the ground

New grasses and saplings grow

With new leaves that spread on the branches

Roots creep under the ground

Branches want to touch the sky

A source of new birth

A love smiles on the objects of nature

A peace pours on the earth

Raindrops are falling on the ground

You are my love my raindrop fall on me

To enlighten and spread around

I always keep my eyes open to you

O my raindrop pour on me my bliss.

The Ring of Heart

Don’t go away my heart

don’t stop here

hold my hand

be in my heart

don’t make me cry

don’t shut my lights

only your advance to me

it builds a castle

can make a world

not to moan always in my hut

we are here

my love, my soul

by being with us

want to have the hug

your lips are in my lips

your eyes are in my eyes

O my love, my beloved

I plus you, you plus me

a mixture of the parts

Spark the world

we see better, we live laughter

let us find out the way

let us wear the ring of heart.


I bought a goat yesterday
the day after tomorrow is Eid-Ul-Adha
I’ll sacrifice my goat
in the name of Allah
we rejoice the day with much enchantment and joy
it’s a tradition of our prophet Ibrahim (Ah.)
followed by us in the Muslim world
that makes together in the Kaaba
we all go to Mecca to celebrate Hajj
that has a chance to get relief
from all kinds of sins
gathered by us in the whole life
O my Allah, please pardon me and all of us
I am going to sacrifice the goat
in the name of you, that you told us
please receive and make us fresh, neat and clean.



My heart aches, aches like Keats

but not the same

as he had tuberculosis

my body trembles

I become dumb and dull

don’t like to speak

don’t like to go ahead

legs lag behind

as mind does not respond

though always free to move

chained back to back

how should I kneel

how should I fly?