Poetry from Mahbub

The Torture and Death You Brought About


They are the Rohingyas

They are the Muslims

They live in Rakhine of Myanmar

You, the armed forces,

You, the angry mobs and the hungry Buddhists

What have you made to do such monstrosities?

I hear the sound of cries and pains still now floating on the wind

I can still see the sight of torture and death on the screen

I can see the fully naked women tightly tied in a tree with ropes

The screaming, howling and growling with pain touches my heart

Sinks into darkness

Animals have also the rules to prey

More furious than they living in the darkness of forest or jungles

You, the killers play the role of demons

When I see the cutting of legs and hands of a living woman

Before blowing the knife on her throat and separating her head

Keep it on her hip

My eyes lose its power to see any more

When I see a man sitting on a stone fixing his hands and legs

Standing three with their black head from back

Suddenly started to blow the knife on his throat

Separating his body from head leave the track with the head

Numbs my body in the silent morning after rising the sun

When I see the boys and girls are mangled

with the axes in their mouths and foreheads

Immediately the land is flooded with blood

How can I keep my eyes open to the blue and rainbow sky?

When I see the children are held hard and beaten with sticks and rods

And shoot and cut the bodies and hung to the wall

How can I take my breath?

When I see the human bodies are lying on the ground

And the armed forces and mobs are beating and chopping them to death

How can I sound any more?

When I see the young official play with a young lady in the jeep

And tear her breast and vagina with weapons

Laying her flat on the road jump on her body

How can the world be silent?

When I see the live persons are burned to death by petrol

Pouring on their bodies

How should the green be the green?

When the houses are burning with the dark smoke

And the people are running to escape themselves

People of all ages; children, young and the old

Rush to Bangladesh crossing the river Naf

The water of the river has been red, the red blood

It is groaning with rage

Hundreds and thousands of dead bodies are floating on the river

The Rakhine land has already been cultivated with the seeds in this way

the so many silent dead bodies

Genocide! Overcomes all the savagery in the history of the world

O Aung San Suu Kyi, what will be your answer before our Creator

When along with them you will again open your eyes

to the Judgment’s day?

Would it be able to save you your prestigious certificate?

The Nobel Peace Prize?

Does it bear any more the honor you achieved?


A Nameless Name


A terrific face haunts always

O Suu Kyi, you are a killer, a hunter, a liar

I see you just like a bitch

Walking beside a drain on the highway road

You are limping with four legs

People had a great respect on you

As you were prisoned in house

Time after time you struggled for democracy

Achieved your goal but what’s the result?

To be the leader of Myanmar you felt like eating blood

And enjoy the torture, suffering and death for the common people

Instead of saving the lives

You won the race of savagery

In the world history of genocide

Can you see any the path to remove yourself

from this worst suffering of Rohingyas?

You are telling lies killing and hunting more and more

The world keeps a keen eye

Don’t like to see any more

Can’t call you with the name

You have already rolled down to the whole of deep darkness

O Suu Kyi! A nameless name.




Life is not life at all



They walk miles after miles

They walk to have life within lives

At last they take shelter in the Bay of Bengal

Those who fall to struggle, falter and die

What a life, not a life?

Life is not at all life

Only a structure of body

A sign of fear and death

O laughing face, my love, my embrace

What you want I know

What should I do with this blank basket?

Not a proper space, a very narrow way

To move and sigh always

It rains days and nights

Time appears to be more furious

A gust of wind flies away the roofs of polythene

They spend the whole night under the open sky

in the knee water staring at the darkness of night

The rosy faces of the children has been grinded

O my dear brother, sister, mother and father

How can I spread my hand to relieve you

from this miserable suffering?

from the clutches of tyranny?

O Allah, please help.



Through The Soft Green Ground
Today I just rushed to the green leafy world Where it was only trees, bushes and crops The road is covered with big or small trees Welcome the passengers to go through and enjoy the world How fresh the air! My blood swirls with the fresh oxygen The eyes glow with this green sight My mind enchanted with the beautiful sight of Red, green and yellow blooming flowers The sun was playing with the clouds dark and light Deep and soft, sunny light What a wonderful rich life! I can’t but stay here Hay dirty and smoky town place Where life is haggling and jiggling Always suffer from suffocating wind O world, such a green world Descend on me forever and forever.


While Missing the Steering


While traveling by bike just I crossed it

Then turned back to the way of my destiny

After running about fifty feet, a group of people

Came to the sight suddenly walking along the road

What happened? My mind asked

I asked a man or woman

What happened?

Someone replied, ‘an accident.’

No sooner had I heard the sound than

I saw the micro bus lay upside down

O my goodness!

Not a single died but all wounded

What a miracle! ‘O life, we are alive!’

They thought by themselves

A woman who was an operation patient

With her family members coming from a hospital

It was in full speed on the free road

The driver was playing with the steering

And the mistake was in his hand to whirl it

Directly hit the tree and fell to the ground upside down

We all walking, we all running, we some caring, we some careless

What would it be if paid little to our heart for reaching the goal

If the steering is not held

as it likes to go on the right track?


Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh 01/10/2017


If you’d like to assist the suffering Rohingya minority in Burma and Bangladesh, please consider a donation to the International Rescue Committee here.