Poetry from Mahbub



A Dubious Question


We are increasing, we are thinking

We are demanding more and more our services

We are fawning, we are chattering

We make more for ourselves

We take sit for survival

We hang heavy for removal

We show the path to go ahead

To free from the constipation

But not a role nor a solution

We face to the hitting back again and again

Free to move, free to speak

From the clutch of others’ aggression

But we are always to the unknown borders

For our promised destination

There a question always burns the sky

Who am I and who are you, my friend?




A lovely Child


O lovely little boy, come here and sit by me

The little boy got scared and jumped

Into his mother’s lap crying ‘O mother,

Please save me!’

Mother cooled him telling

‘He is a good man and your uncle

Don’t get afraid.’

The next day the man came again and called the boy

Now he laughs and goes back but does not cry

Mother tells him to go, he only keeps his fingers into the mouth

The third day when the man came

And asked his name, a smile rounds over

The man gives him a chocolate

The little boy looks at the face repeatedly

Here he finds a new world to spread

Eyes will most likely see him/her later

Mind bends on that always

We, all the children are the same to the world.




Destroying Humanity


You can’t kill a man/woman without justice

You can’t destroy humanity

When it appears to be a toy

Children, men or women are played by

Thrown away to dust, mud or water

After shooting or cutting the throat or body

Then foolishness wins the race

Harms the sight and cries the mind

But forgetfulness can’t be the brag

Accountability will take us to the box

Today or tomorrow.




Let’s Start


Days comes, days out

Night falls, love sprouts

Spark the body, enlighten the ground

We lie, see the sky

The moon smiles

The stars speak out

Wings move, fly in the sky

Come down

See, come round

Side by side

Fragrance of rose bathes in the sun

We startle, stand up, say

Let’s start the day.




A thought for Road Accident


Every day I see the news

Every moment I tremble

My heart sinks into oblivion

Where I am, how I go,

How they live, how drive!

Condition is worse than those

How can it be tolerated anymore?

Here the sound of cry makes tired

Leaders, not keeping the eyes back

To kill a man/woman or children is sin

When everyday ten, twenty or fifty die on the road crashing

How can I move forward?

How can I make a long trip?

How can I enjoy the river, the sea, the hills,

The fields, the trees and animals of my surroundings?


Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh 04/10/2017