Poetry from Mahbub


Feeling Pain



Why do I feel pain in my heart?

The reason is why I take the drugs

Often go out in the open green fields with shady large trees

Soften my eyes, soothe my heart and mind

Feel drowsy the whole –

Can’t stay any more

Come back to me

Come back to my resort

Why do I feel pain in my heart?

Can it be exposed exactly

So far as it to say the loss of you

Threw me to the dark where I float and fly

The turning of the youth

Spent like the storm nothing left to see

I find and mind and mind

Flooded with the load ——-.



Reeds Are Burning


Reeds are burning in the forest

Animals running to and fro

All the eyes open to see the blank

The smoky world

Nothing to say but mourn

The sound of cry touches too much

“Oh, all lost! How can we live!

What should we do?”

Water doesn’t act here, vapors soundless to the sky

Fire is not only fire

A roaring sound of death

Soon powerfully spread

The touch of fire

Hit one after another opening the window

How can the speech be prevailed?





They are aborigines burned in the sun and wet in the rain

Black in color but white the heart, profound love

Joy in the blooming face of smile

We three friends started for the place they live

Once a remote area unknown to all

It was very hard to reach them

To get in touch of them

They lived on cultivation, now living on the same

No greed in mind, no jealousy or envy,

Nothing to demand, no frustration, no quarrelling

Busy with work the whole day this or that

And enjoy themselves in their own simple world

In various types of religious and cultural festivals

Some of them have been converted to Christianity

And made the Church to pray to God

Some as before they believed in gods or goddesses

In this way they made the life peaceful and tranquil 

When they spoke their language we enjoyed a lot

The are aborigines like the silence of the land

Where crops are grown and trees spreading the shade

Rolls the heart with the breeze of the cloudy shy. 



To My Sweet Baby


This way you grow up

My baby, I cuddle you, take you in my lap

I kiss your tender chin; wander with you here and there

I love you, my heart and my sweet baby

This day will take you from child to young,

From young to a woman

I see your old face when I will not be here before you

And find my mother in you, o my sweet baby

All my love and affection will remind me in you

I must have all my Good Wishes to you

For ever and for ever

A modest and ideal citizen of the world, I pray for you

All the people who will be in touch of you

Get relief from your tender voice and bounty of heart

I must leave the place for you and

Pave the way to flourish the tree in its own fantastic place.




In The Middle Of Conflict


In the middle of conflict

A boy standing still chews the tender leaves of the neem tree

Comes from a remote village to cope with the new environment

Knows nothing about the customs and cultures

Of streets or homes at the new place

A rough and tough figure standing

By the ruined bridge

Peeping at them, he got nervous

All suffering from diabetic, poisoning the hurts

Excess of sugar always passing with the urine

That harms the body and decaying the glaring face

Speak before us just like the crow before death

We can’t check it, we can’t bear it, we can’t overcome it

Unless we exercise or continue according to our daily routine

Along with these we must have the balanced diet to keep our body fit

When all others are buying and selling the medicine

To get rid of the disease

The boy standing still chews the tender leaves of the neem tree.


Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh