Poetry from Mahbub

Mind that Lost


The earth is crowded with people

So busy with so many works

Sleeping is also one kind of them

I know I sleep I know what I bent to

I know the mind abstracted from that world

I know I see the two doves how

They make love each other

You are delivering the lecture

Sitting just before the dais

Eyes rush to the birds

On the branch of a tree

How they make love

Sometimes talking with you

I lost myself far from reach

I think alone floating on the sea

But I know I am always with you

As usual so many performances to do

The mind goes to where I reside or not

You watch so careful

Love you dear as yet you take care.




Kadamba Flowers


Kadamba flowers blooming in the tree

Appear to be the glittering stars in the sky

The glowing sparks with white

Kadambas yellowish covered with softness

You are my love, my dear

Trodden over hundred times by the children with me

Then I knew not the value of you

Now I observe and realize how valuable you are!

When I see you after so many years

Golden touch lurking in the sky

I am under the kadamba tree

I am under the loving care

I am under the kadamba tree

I am under moonlit sky

I am under the kadamba tree

I am under the shady leafy light

Blooming around the tree

In touch of you

Oh softness! My loving dear. 








My whole body is tormenting

The world seems to be dull and hazy

Smoky all the sights

Where can I resort?

O dear, you are so near so far

So dreamy so real

Face to face I stand I sit down I lie

Swings my head to the loving face

Forms the heart to beat without break

Love you all the elements

You and I like to

I know you don’t see the burning heart

I pass the night living and dying,

Wavers the head and heart

Keeping my hand on the breast

Feel like burning the bricks in the furnace

In the morning while waking up

I see the earth totally hazy

Why dear, came to me and went away

Throwing me in the tormenting darkness?



A Piece of the Moon


You are my piece of the moon

I am the other part

The two makes the one focusing light on the earth

I am the dress of you, you are mine

We are so closed as the seen and the unseen

Both are the fundamental to give us force and sense

We are the one to cope with the world

To walk and run, sleep and dream

Go to the park, come back to home

See the woods and waters

Break the silence of heart and roar together 

We are the invention of the new

To go from one part of the earth to the another

Where there will be no light if one is absent there

Here act all the things that we need for getting together

Passion, emotions, love, sympathy, affection, mutual respect

And what not to move forward with joy and regulation

O sorry, I am going too much

Dear, no time please start.





At  Noon


Its noon and too hot to go out

The scorching sun burns the skin and the whole body

Though it’s the rainy season

In the silence of the noon

The leaves of the trees are oscillating

Suddenly the birds’ call stir me

I see through the window

All the leaves of life

Green lives, some yellowish

But the sound of the cock’s crow

Appears to be the same the years ago

Now I am at the middle of my life

Trembling in the wind outside the room

Thrived the moments bit by bit

Spark on my eyes

My eyes became closed 

I lost myself in sleep

The world waited for some while

It was then come back to light.


Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh