Poetry from Mahbub

Not A Bird’s Eye View


A bird flew just touching my head over
It flew away flattering its feathers
I looked again and again
It spoke to me how and what I do
And should do
It’s my love, O bird
You wanted to whisper that I can’t
Flew away over my head
The shade before my eyes
While flying to the sky
Draws hundreds and thousands miles to go ahead
I observe and move forward till I reach my destiny.


When I see the news pictures of the children
Kept in the cages separating from their parents
My heart shrank down,
They are the beautiful flowers
Faces covered with depression and darkness
It crossed the level of heart
Where there can be no interest to live and love
Parents must be the guilty for the illegal entrance
To this new world or country
But what about the children?
Its beyond imagination and thought
To confine them in the dark cages
Instead of in the open fields
And home with the parents
A look to the father/mother
Blazes the heart of the children every time
There is no better shelter without the laps
Of the parents for them
How cruel it seem to be they always suffer
O lord, please help them get together
Have we ever seen before such kind of separation?


You Are Forever

The hope I had in my life
All came to a single point
It’s nothing but to spread
It’s only my blooming expectation
It’s only my spreading condition
From that you can get sweet scent
You can get a little bit shade
You can have your eye’s peace
You can make your life’s preview
What I did I do not know
I can’t plan for the future also
I only think somehow only for you
As my night candle you always remove the darkness
You came to me my the bounty of the bay
The flowing river with beauty and shade
I would like to follow the way you made for me
I would like to keep my promise I have with you
You are soothing eyes; you are my heart’s pace
I always try to live by you
I always follow the path the light you focus on me
I know we have our mutual love and respect
Nothing is so beautiful so magnificent so loving
So dear so caring so sacred, so interesting
Than the light you hold on me
Than shade I find from you
Who will be my shade?
Who will be my light?

To My Lord

I bleed by your words
I bleed by your sight
I die for your speech
I move by your path
O lord, you are so dangerous
You are so serious
You are so kind
I live in this world
As you pace your key
I do have the power
Only from you the reflection of the light
I enlightened with
Never want to break the bond
Would like to follow the way you paved for me
But why the cyclone sometimes snatches away
The things I caress to save for me?


The World’s Gone Crazy

The world’s gone crazy
Got us too heavy
How change it’s going to be
How glittering I see
The stage you perform on
How sweet the tune I here from you
How lovely you act on
How rejoicing the skies
How wonderful the eyes and the speech
What a stress the barbaric scene of the pathetic death
Tinges the water of the ocean
By the flow of children, women and men
In different countries to win the race of politics
I keep my eyes open
I keep my eyes closed
Time is passing too speedy
Blanks covered with the new bodies
I like to love the ground
I like to say ‘Good Morning’, ‘Good Afternoon’,
Sorry to utter ‘Good Bye’.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

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