Poetry from Mahbub


The world itself a melody

where every instrument is playing with music

we sing together, we dance together

we laugh together, cry together,

die together, born together,

enjoy the whole item of beauty

with a melody that is going on always among us

proud of our birth

always hand in hand a splash of water

try to fly in the brown sky

time after time

run after the wave of the  ocean

we wander on the grass, ponder over things

break the heart again built

stand together

fall dividing

all are fixed as if from long day and night

circling the ground  there is a harmony

to bend on each other

to cross the unparalleled

beats the drum  more loudly

that weaves the heart into melody.

My Eid Day

I flooded the ground with blood

By sacrificing my goat to Allah

Today in the morning

After coming from Eidgah

I performed my duty

To obey the law

It’s a blessing for me, for us

A bless all over the world

I am very grateful to Allah

Who has made the earth

Created us as human beings

The best of all creation

We are accountable to Him

To reach the goal

It’s a joy for me, joy for us

We open our heart to be in touch of love

Regardless of caste, high and low,

Rich and poor, creed and foe

We are all the same rank

This celebration is for all

We distribute the meat among the poor

We taste our meat from door to door

We hang together, my embrace to all

My  pray for all

May Allah grant us

peace and comfort

in this critical world.

A Sleep for Ever

When an angel will whisper in my ear

I’ll shut my eyes

Stop breathing

How should I feel then?

When my sleep will be so deep

That I would never awake

You can call me again and again

But the leafs of the eyes will not respond

tight in sleep

I’ll not see you then

I’ll not see the open field

I’ll not see the shadowy trees

not hear the calls of the birds

Not go to the banks of the rivers

To the seashore

Not rise my head to see the vast blue sky

At this very moment

My heart urges me to keep my eyes fixed

To whatever I see

I see, see and see

Absorbing in deep sleep.


Persons who are forced to leave the country

Where they have been living for years after years in their mother land

for political, social or religious turmoil

are the refugees

A problem arises now that seen before, a severe problem

Daily average eight thousand people are trying to enter

In the European countries  from Syria and Iraq

They want shelter

They want to have rights

But not easy to possess, access

Then what’s the crisis?

The crisis for existence

How to live, how to manage, how to breath

A fear, humiliation always acts on the mind

That breaks the body’s strength

People are waiting for days after days

They are waiting with their children, wives

and others

How it be tolerated

When a child is sitting or

standing before the police

crying for what is not

I can’t suppress my tear

Just like the drops of rain

rolling round the grass to grow.


A touch of my love

A power, a light, removes the darkness of night

Your warm loving hand

When you keep on my body

Revives my strength

As a raindrop

Sprouts the leaves from dry grass

You are my heart, my love

Only a touch of you

Paves the way to walk

The sun rises only with the touch

Flowers bloom

Birds sing

The sky blue

The fields green

Seep the lips

That starts the rain of light

Morning breeze

Sooth the mind

All seem colourful before me only if you

Are in touch of me.