Poetry from Mahbub



Showed me the honeycomb to throw at

I threw the stones two or three times

As soon as the bees became very angry

Before that they were very silent living humble

They started flying around me biting so seriously

Rushed behind crying and crying

Wherever I go they follow and follow

I laid flat on the ground screaming

From that time I walk very careful beside them

And never try to disturb any bee.      

I Am The Reed  

I am the reed of the forests

Not to be seen by others

Always soaked in water

Covered in the leaves of the large trees

Or burn in the sun under the salty sea

Some make whistles by it

Some use as their roofs

Some make their flute

Follow the principles

I am the reed of a forest

Spend the whole life fully

Flowing in shade and light.


Life is a Cycle  

Life is a cycle

Sometimes run

Sometimes feel tired

Sometimes stay and halt

Sometimes fall down on the ground or water

Sometimes broken

Sometimes stumbles on the speed breaker

Life is a cycle roll on the ground or sky

Face many incidents and accidents

Live and die Stand and lie

Life is a cycle

On the way to run

Act as a whole.

The Cascade You Flow On  

My country is Bangladesh

The cascade flowing from the speech

The glory enchants the air

Here lies a hidden beauty

Lost in puddle deep despair

Infringe the promise you lay bare

The cascade flowing from the speech

The grass roots are the victims

The common toppled down

Amazed in circus falter and alter

Deprived and falsified

O golden Bangla, we achieved you

In exchange of blood equal to the ocean

We lost our near and dear ones

We cried a lot suffered a lot

Obtained you through many rapes and deaths

Fired and tortured

Till the freedom we fought for

Many years have passed

What we have what we want

Time has come to overcome

The lamentation and frustration

The cascade you flow on

Spark the world

We are waiting for the real golden Bangla.    

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh 09/07/2018      

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