Poetry from Mahbub


The Inventor and the Discoverer

I don’t know what you know

You don’t know what I know

We don’t know what they know

But one thing is right

I am the inventor

You are the discoverer

After that

I am the technician

You are the mechanic

What an engineering world!

Till the end of the dream

When it comes to end?

My Travel

Night besets

In this sleeping world

We sleep in the bed

The trees outside

Rivers and oceans rising so high

Sometimes roar and soar

I float on the voice of the silence

Travel the world

How wonderful!

How enlightening the shining sky!

I find myself beside you

My heart swells

The burning blood imbues

I flow on you

Nothing to hide

In the meantime morning birds begin to sing.

I am flying

I am flying in the sky

The clouds are light in the sun

The blue is glowing

Flying over the land surrounded by the trees

Towns, cities or oceans

Feel like somewhat dizzy

While I spread my wings

My friend, what are you doing?

Are you sitting under the bamboo tree?

And taking rest after hard work?

I am flying in the blue over and under

Where I go I do not

Soaring higher and getting lower

Passing time and space

I fly and fly.

The Doves beside My Glass

The sun is rising

The world is waking

I see the bird cuckoo

Singing cu-o

Noting to heal and calling me under the open sky

Where nature waits to welcome

Where the two doves beside my glass

Busy to love entering the beak to other

Passion lies there

Passion invites rather

What a heaven they built!

The nestlings come closer spreading the little wings

Over the mother’s back

To get warm of love we all find to be there

We all find our lovers

How bond the love for us to each other!

Life is only for life’s care.