Poetry from Mahbub

Author Mahbub

The Temple of Dawn

You are speaking today

People call you Wat Arun Rajawarana

Look like the same built in 2nd reign of Chakkri Dynasty

The river Chao Phraya, the most resilient and silent witness of you

Standing just on the west

Thousands of people come every day from any part of the world Visit your excellence

They see you, read you, love you and enjoy the beauty of you

You bear the glorious sight as if it were the wonder of the earth

How gorgeous the art, how fascinating the work

We, the people can’t but charm

The gods inside and beside symbolizes the heart so respectful

In the temple beside you, many come to bow down to the gods

And take mercy from Bhikku

Some are busy to eat and buy

How high you are!

How high the mind the people bears!

I lost myself for a while where I am!

I think and walk around

Suddenly one called me, ‘Excuse me’.

Bangkok, Thailand


Grand Palace

This is the Grand Palace where the king lives

The temples and memorials so busy and religious

Loved by all, live in honor

It’s your palace; thousands of people built this and that

Within 1782-1785 time-limit 

The rocks and metals brought from various countries of the world

 Now many tourists daily come and visit

They read and see the myth

O the king of Thailand, you live in the palace where I not

The palace where I live larger than you

Do you know the name of the palace?

You do have also

You can see your own

I can see my own

‘Heart’, unseen but vast in region

Decorated with so much flowers and fragrance

That can cross the border easily visible or invisible

Made of mud but reach the world of stars or beyond

Then we both live in the same palace.

Bangkok, Thailand


The Orchids

I reached the world of flowers

Here and there everywhere flowers and flowers

So nicely arranged that make any one charmed

The shrubs and cactus, over the head, the shade of love

Welcome us as you love and love

I wandered and sat, took water and coffee

With so many snaps I came back

Open my sights and vividly you seem to appear

What a nice experience I got!

It’s my adventure in mind live for long

When I’d be no longer here you’ll speak with me

With glorious sights and scent of the orchids

Bangkok, Thailand


The Nongnooch Garden and Resort

So many flowers, so many cactuses and cactus families,

So many elephants, such colorful leaves

I can’t describe all but the world we deserve

It scents the love desired in heart

Love for you and the earth

New brand of vehicles and the welcome moods of the elephants

I got lost in thought

Tiger plays the role of a cat not to devour

The sights and seen make one’s mind always refreshed

And there is a nice environment for lunch

With the silent beauty of the garden and the pond

There may be chirping sound of birds in the silent charm

Can enjoy the theater and the elephant show with much interest

The theater shows the culture of the people

And how obedient the elephants!

You will ever be in mind

O Nongnooch Garden!

O Garden in my heart.

Bangkok, Thailand


At My Balcony Sight

This is my balcony, my little world

A new sight still to observe

The two little cats surrounded by shreds and leaves

Lying together lost by their own

Not only a sight, a philosophy, a guide to me

What a peaceful moment they pass!

How deep they fall in themselves!

Touching warmth, a love to live

I see and see

Revolves my heart to lie by you

Want to sleep so sound, intoxicated

O love, please —–

Tears roll down from my cheeks

Why don’t we keep away the turmoil fights within?

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh


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