Poetry from Mahbub

Author Mahbub

To the nature

Nature is the best healer

Said by the wise in many times

But when nature appears to be the worst killer?

From the very beautiful bud

We can observe it clear

Time brings it out and time takes away all

The world is made up with the magnetic touch of love

Where the two- gladness and pathos

Like the birth and death

A reaction in mind

We want or not

Flowers bloom and glorify the space

Enjoy the beauty of leaves and the sky

Fills the heart, a blissful joy

Beside the garden the cows and the goats

The lambs and the buffalos

We are the cowboys and the garden keepers

We build up civilization side by side but

When it burns the California Wildlife 

People and animals rampages to save the lives

Helpless life

When wind swells up the sea

Firing causes death

On the other side we stand before the glass

In the dressing table

A mindset to love

See the birth

Just like the red crabs in Kuakata Sea Beach early in the morning

Our eyes dancing in joy

Crying loud and deep to see the lives passing away

Just at the time of rising the sun.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh



The more it warms outside
The more it cools inside
Because it loses all the power
To move an inch
It’s my burning body
It’s my burning heart
Switching on the AC
Get back my heart
Wrap up my limbs
With you
In a body
Nothing to hide
After a blissful fight
Spent the cool, full of oxygen night.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

Crying Deep

I have already lost my sense
Whether you talk with me or turn back
I cry myself within deep
O my love
I would not like to be without you
But I am in dead of mind
Lie aside
Would you please hold my hand
And embrace with a sigh
And the water filtered
And I can flow or fly….

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

On The Auspicious Moment of Eid

When we taste the foods one after another on the Eid morning
The hands of them spread for beg yet
Beg for alms
I say and can’t find out the meaning of the hands

Hanging in the air

The hands should rise in soft to the Almighty
For all peace and happiness
O my dear, you are invited
Come and sit by me
Let’s enjoy the moments in full merriment
Stop for a while to make the day holy and joyous.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh