Poetry from Mahbub

Author Mahbub

Dengue Fever

The whole country is attacked

Not at all a negligible sigh

I always fear, O dear

Can’t fly to thee

The world is trembling with fever

Stay here a spirit alive or dead

Don’t cry but always beat the heart

Suffers from the temperature

Fall in and die, in an epidemic form platelets hunger

Garbage after garbage along with the unconsciousness

We passed our days long

Tired off the mood

Take a chance the Aedes, a yellow-fever mosquito

The little or the young or the old

Groaning on the bed day and night

Breathe the last and leave the earth forever

Reflects the spirit nobody tries to

A single bite of Aedes

What lesson does it teach?

If our eyes are open not to see

And consciences stopped to speed the gear

How can we live, how can we see the earth anymore

O dear, can you hear?

The bubbling words just before the last wink of the eye.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

To the Brim

Throwing and growing

Living and dying

Laughing and crying

Days are passing

Loving and caring

Make a space for both of us

See the horizon

Reach the earth’s summit

Look for what is not

Wish to have years more to touch

But time stands like the hilly lands

To the eyesight, for body and mind

Dull and dim

On the gulf with a ball

Soars higher and higher

A gleam to the brim.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

Rawhide Life

The seasonal rawhide business, damn

A life of a diseased person

On the bed silent to die

From time I can sense the price

This goat or cow rawhide

Never fall down like this time, Eid-ul-Azha

Many people dug them into the soil

Many throw away beside the roads

Instead of selling 

For a bottle water price

What’s the responsibility?

Though we teach our kids the meaning of Responsibility

Losing millions of crore money, a right to the poor

Have we forgotten to wear the shoes or sandals?

To whom are we standing before?

To whom are we getting marked?

When a lot of bank currency flew to the other country

Defaulters do not pay a big amount of loans

A mockery with a laughing face

Now and then would like to utter

‘Rubbish’.   It matters little to them

Whether we live or die

How life hovers around the country wide!

 Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

Meeting the Moments

While walking along the garden

A snake came to my sight

I could realize and my effort to see the next time

It was never found

Lost from the eyes and lost forever

The glamour and fascination of the day

Lie old and useless only after the night

The sun rises and the green reality

With soft healthy breeze

I can’t think how it burns just to the noon

Like the Amazon rain-forest, the heart of the world’s oxygen

Burnt to the whole carbon dioxide

How it burns! How does the animals and the trees!

Is it the balance of the earth we live and love?

The sun rises, the day becomes torn.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

Who Cares

How can we get relief from this torture?

Somebody say to escape from the earth

Somebody living in a death trap

Wherever you take place

Same the circumstances

More than iron the heart so heard

You can laugh, smile

Instantly it appears pale

Tears don’t fall from the eyes

The mouth stops breaking the heart

Here days seem to be long

Always hope to go forward

Always come back futile

Always try to laugh

Always tears fall down from the eyes

Who cares if I lie dead or alive, dear?

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh