Poetry from Mahbub

Author Mahbub
Mahbub. Bangladeshi man in a light blue collared shirt and glasses with a pen in his pocket

Rohingya Repatriation

It was left no stone unturned

Doctors, nurses, relatives all engaged

How to restore to life

Having them all behind the spirit flies away silently

This carefulness we serve for the humanity

Humanity cries for humanity

But what can we see on the other part of it?

Thousands and millions of people left to experience death and suffering

Rohingyas living in Rakhine with a severe torture on their body flew away

Took shelter in Chattogram of Bangladesh

A pathetic Asian history

Passing their days in the sun suffering from starvation and rain

Under the open sky in unsafe and shaky habitations

Every day the earth blooms pale and grim

Like the old brown leaves in the tree, we see

Every day they would like to go back to their home

But ignored as the citizens or any ethnic group

People flee from the forests in fear of the tigers and the lions

Along the edge of a sea to not to get lost on the vast waters

What a sigh to be deprived of the right!

Not to be able to say

It’s my own land, my own country

The rulers serve people, delivering much of love

Ironically say again and again the same

Deceive them; kill them, a scene of massacre

From this clutch who can save themselves anyway

Try to take the breath fleeing to the other place

Sorry to say its second time failure the attempt-repatriation

Of the Rakhine people living in Bangladesh.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

Lots of Rain but No Clouds

The sky turns into black from the blue

All seem to be dark and glue

What a restless time!

Though so many fans are running

In this unbearable hot

What feels the mind and body?

The scent of rain through the nostrils

Change the thought to envisage

We see the sky but from black to white

In the meantime the sun shines

We hoped a lot but there is no drop of rain

The world always gains some moments

Our hearts rejoice, beside the heavy rain drops

There floods the rivers causing deaths and sufferings

Where I stand here I see the sky with much of hope

But this overhead is always covered with drought and fog.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

O My Love

When you love me in true sense

The waves of the river flow in tune

I see and see the full moon in the sky

A sign of love in the rainbow

What a rising after the rain, a new glow

Grasp me all my body and soul

A dream in reality

A promise to reach my destiny

O my love; please hold me in tongue

A wriggle never to be lost

O my heart, my love.

 Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

Backlash Fear

He turns his face like a ghost

The victim standing before him forgets all

She mumbles and recollects the lashing and dashing to her

A rosy beauty

The cop with his gang stings

The rose full of fragrance and attraction

Torn into —– on the soil

Soft and blooming

The burning eyes encircling her

The mischievous roles a iron rod

The helpless victim reclines silent

The broken heart fumbles on the board

Mr. Judgment is hung on the wall.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

The Love Shrine

There is no shrine except you

I lie and fondle in the jungle

This mound is only for you and me

Shakes my hands and heart

In this shrine there will be no goddess or god

At the ultimate point of joy

You are my soul mate, my all

Our blood is running too fast

Leaning over I see you on my hands

A full bloomed rose, a full moon starry sky

We wander and enjoy

In this heavenly lagoon

What is more than this idyllic beauty?

Where you and I

In this coral island the blue water sparks into your eyes

The water color eyes, fix into

I find no other heaven in this world

Wherever I see, I see this coral island

You are my atolls

Only you and I this entity century after century

Round over body and soul

After the burial of hundreds or thousands of years

The archeologists may find out

Engraving on the gate ‘The Love Shrine’.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh