Poetry from Mahbub

Author Mahbub, young middle aged Asian man with glasses, wearing a collared shirt with a pen in his pocket.

A Magnetic Bubble

Believe me or not

You are my conventional campus

I reside on your breast all day and night

Touching my head I walk and take rest

In this dark atmosphere you are my only starry sight

Forgetfulness can only dominates

All our spirit

You are my juicy grapes

I am your honey bee

We enjoy the whole night thrilling

What a tight bond to the magnetic electricity!

There may be huge potentiality

To belong to the future

There lie before the eyes the vast waters

Beside the hilly trees

We flow and walk

No clog to separate us

A feeling with a magnetic touch

Again I say

You are my only conventional campus.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

We Need For

I have no breastplate like the aegis of Zeus

I don’t have any chance to reach Dodona in the land of oak trees

Nor can I punish the oath breakers

Neither I to the liars

You had the power to hide the infidelity to your wife

You would make as many sex and love as you desire

The lord of the sky

In the Mount Olympus

The best of all gods

Today the world misses you too much

Can’t you come back?

Where humanity always cries for

In this dark gloomy night

And weather, we need lots of rain

And the rain of love, from every corner of the earth

We always need for.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

A Breath of You

Your one breath of love

Can lead me unimaginable paths or above this

A fly to the sky

Like the flying fishes from the Oceans

The fins in the soft wind soars higher

The roars of the Ocean and the starry sky

The condensed of the hills or the forests

We like to lie down at any circumstances

Here is a tiger, there is a lion

A journey through the waters to the sky

A breath of you, the waving heart

A room filled in colors, no fear of any roar or chaos

Inside or outside the room.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh


Last night I went to bed

But not for a moment I could sleep

It was just all the moment I felt like

So fresh and shinned up the large tree

Rolling from branches to branches I reached my beloved

Kissed her and embracing all the ways

Came back to my bed and closed the eyes

After a long journey around my room

I find no space to cover me with a soft-silent piece of robe

Descending upon to have a sound peaceful sleep

It was a long journey of my sleep

Closing and opening of the eyes

I with your soft blowing hand on me

Wandered the whole night

In this dark space you are my light

When the sun rises the sky turns blue from the dark and white.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh

To See the Little Faces

They are in deep silence

Most of the time they are accustomed

To eating, playing, laughing and dancing

Loving, caring and quarrelling with each other

They spend their time shoulder to shoulder

Screaming and shouting, coming and going here to there

To find them sober sometimes I buy them chocolates and toys

What a heavenly light blows over their faces!

It’s dead of night and deep in sleep 

I look at their faces

My heart sparks with joy

These beautiful flowers always smell sweet

Whether it’s dark or light

I can go through always clear.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh