Poetry from Mahbub

If You Don’t —-

How do I move foreword

If you don’t tell me

Show me how to start

How do I do something better

If you don’t light on

How do I step right or left

If you sound less

How do I brood over

If you don’t hang me in blessed

How do I snap the glory of nature

If you don’t  accompany me

How do I laugh from heart

If you don’t open your eyes to me

Soft and see the blush

How do I think the world

If you don’t hug

All the things will run away behind

If you don’t respond

All the things are in dust

If you don’t come to me with the face of love.


The World Hangs Together

The world hangs together with us

Everything from the sky to land

Are in the clasp of hand

Its no problem whether I sit by you or not

Or you stay far away from us

We live very close, together

Though not in touch

more than that

Every one of us regulating the earth

Only it’s a matter to get order

And pass

If I chose I can hold the hand

If you do you can such

We walk side by side

We sleep hand in hand, face to face

We are in hug

All things lay before the eyes

Whenever you want I can rush to you

Whenever I, you’d do

We are hanging in faith

We are singing of mirth

The world hangs together with us

With the joy of love.




The stars reflect on water

On me my life

The life is a light

Awakes me

The flowers blossom,

Thoughts rising

The sky spreads the blue over head

We are walking, running

The players are playing

The machines are moving

The ocean lays vast

Nothing except water is seen

The moon is shining

Surrounding me a flood of light reflecting

The leaves of grass hold me

To live with the roots

We are human beings

We think for what we are

We think for what is not

We think for what we see

We think for what we not

We come from above

We sink into the abyss of thought and despair

Nothing is short nothing is high

We are in the level playing field

We brood over the world

We brood over above the world

We think for what is wrong what is right

We think for what is coming what is going

We think for something is better than nothing

Think for what it appears to be

We think what the reality would be

We are in dubious mind

We are not the souls what it is desired for

We think and reflect all again and again.





Do you know what is mind?

Mind splashes

Mind stags

Mind flows

Mind slops

Mind sleeps

It rings as rhythm

Sometime falls flat

Sometime its fresh

Sometime it loses

Sometime it rushes to light

Sometime to the dark

Mind acts, mind sits idle

Mind glitters, mind falters

Mind laughs, mind cries

Mind flows on the ocean

Mind flies in the sky

Mind wants to reach you

Mind waits

I want my mind to be peaceful and tranquil

It stumbles, it crumbles

It plays ups and downs

Mind swells, mind swings

Mind sleeps, mind rises

O my mind you are stormy you are cool

Mind is what I think

Do you know what exact meaning of it would be?


Eyes On The Grass


A grass is needed for me

It shows me the light of dew

That sparks on its blades

A grass is a light, a life

Lays before me

Suddenly on the way to go

It’s caught in my sight

That makes a hook

Covers the hollow

After the darkness of night

It starts the day with golden sight

It gives me hope, removes the pathos

It soothes the eyes

Cures the pain gone through the night

In the roots of grass

Reaching water of rain

Whisper to grow

It starts to spread under the ground

It starts spreading its blades on the land

Green and fresh

I watch the grass in the morning

Blissful to me

Reaches me high

Soothes my eyes

A joy for ever

This colourful mixture

I wonder over

Strike my head

That I didn’t have ever before.


Balubagan, Chapainawabganj



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